Sunday, October 23, 2011

Western Media Surprised That New Libyan Regime Will Be Islamist

A number of western experts and pundits were shocked when Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and now Libya's de facto president announced that Libya will be governed by laws based on Sharia.

Abdul-Jilal immediately repealed by decree a law banning polygamy, and announced that from now on there would be strict adherence to Islamic financing.

None of this ought to surprise anyone. Look, for instance at the dark mark on Abdul-Jilal's forehead. You will find similar marks on the forehead of al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri and many other Islamists. It's generated from long hours spent abasing oneself on a Muslim prayer rug, with the forehead being the point of sometimes forceful contact.

It's already widely known that the Libyan rebels have a fair amount of Muslim Brotherhood and even al-Qaeda adherents in their ranks. In fact, a shipment of surface to air missiles, part of Khaddaffi's arsenal was intercepted coming from Libya and en route to Hamas in Gaza Just a little more than a week ago.

What appears to be in the process of happening with western help is the resurrection of an Islamist caliphate under Muslim Brotherhood rule that will stretch from Libya to Gaza, financed by Libyan oil and aid from gullible western donor nations who believe they can co-opt such a regime by financing it and making nice to it.

This is a fallacy, and if such a caliphate comes together it will be a huge a danger to the West and its freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Prof. Barry Rubin wrote a good article on the disaster that Obama's policies are creating in the region. Leftist moron Muslim Brotherhood stooge Obama thinks Islamic regimes are just fine & dandy. Rubin maintains that this is not deliberate but rather sheer incompetence & stupidity.
Usually, ''unexpected'' is for economic developments that anyone of normal intelligence could have foreseen (thus, totally excluding Liberals) but now it's showing up in foreign policy as well.