Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Real Face of The 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement: "It's The Jew's Fault!"

Notice that his fellow protesters do absolutely nothing to counteract this anti-Semite. Instead, they gather around him in solidarity. Based on first hand reports I've heard, his viewpoint is not at all uncommon.This is not one isolated lunatic.

For those of you whom are history challenged, this is exactly how the Nazis started,and it's highly fitting that ex-Nazi collaborator George Soros is funding this group and others like it nationwide.

Contrast this if you will with the Tea Party. Literally tons of footage has been taken of Tea Party rallies nationwide to try to find even one hanger on saying something remotely like this to justify the constant accusations of 'racism' and nothing. Nada. Zip.

The Obama Administration and prominent Democrats have made a lot of sympathetic noises about the 'Occupy' protesters. Just yesterday, Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying 'G-d bless them'.

This is quite fitting, since the 'Occupy' protests are intended as the opening salvo of the Obama Campaign and a foretaste of what it's going to be like as the president continues to beat the class warfare drum loudly. Is this really what we want in the White House?

I hope my Jewish readers are getting this loud and clear. The game is changing. If you can't see yourself voting for a philosemitic pro-Israel Republican, at least don't vote to put President Obama back in the White House.

( h/t, Dan Riehl)

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Scott Kirwin said...

Lay with dogs awaken with fleas - or in this case, lay with hippies awaken with fleas...

One thing's for sure, the more support they get from the Leftist press and pols, the more likely things will get ugly.

Mark my words: Someone is going to get hurt.

rd said...

the listeners were not sympathetic. they mocked him. the call-response cheer was in bewteen. it said he needed to be heard and "healed".

the problem is nobody confronted him saying hate speech is not free speech. that is the issue here.

while jew-hate is popular among the leftists; you are incoorectly subscribing crowd sympathy for the slime nutbag in this case.

yes, people whould have shouted him down and took his sign.

because that didn't happen is it a cause for concern?


but that doesn't mean the entire crowd sympathized with the nutbag.

Rob said...

Hello RD,
We essentially agree.

I never said the entire crowd was sympathetic. What I said was what you echoed - that Jew hatred is popular on the Left, and that the fact that none of the protesters confronted him or attempted to stop what he was doing was a major indication of who a significant portion of these protesters are.

As I mentioned, I have numerous first hand reports of stuff like this going on at various 'occupy' type protests in NYC and elsewhere without a murmur from the protesters.

The people mocking him and responding were not the protesters but passerbys, if you look closely.

A lot of the useful idiots and 'moderates' who pulled of the October 1917 Revolution didn't agree with the Bolsheviks either, but they acted as enablers.


Anonymous said...

People, take a lesson from history. Never forget what happened when that crazy corporal, and his psychotic Nazi followers, were in power in Germany, not too many years ago. Over 6 million Jewish, men, women, and little babies, were murdered.

Furthermore, to refer to any Jew, as being a Nazi, is not only a oxymoron, it is completely despicable, and is a thought which only could have originated in the mind of a completely deranged, uneducated idiot.

Lastly, to the black man with the sign, I have only one thing to say to you - not only were the Nazis, going to murder only the Jews. No mister, should they not have been stopped, they would have put you, and your kind in the ovens too. You see, Nazis, were white, and wanted a color free world.

Folks, the real culprit here is plain old fashioned greed. It is written, "The love of money, is the root of all evil." Nancy Pelosi, and all of her cronies have theirs, and don't be fooled by the republicans either. Every mother loving one of them are only concerned about their interests, and how to keep theirs. Not one of them could give a rats ass about you, or me, or anybody else.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing but bad thoughts about these naive lefties hanging around protesting...but I'm not going to make broad strokes based on this "person". Its no different when the tea partiers are labeled racist because of a loony fringe element hanging around them.