Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AG Holder Declares War On Photo ID Voting Laws

In a speech in Texas today, Attorney General Eric Holder essentially declared war on new laws requiring a photo ID to vote.He claims the new laws, passed in Texas and a number of other states disenfranchise poor and minority which he essentially means blacks, Hispanics and convicted felons whose voting rights have been taken away.

Holder claimed these laws violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act and pledged that the Justice Department will oppose the law in Texas and a dozen other states vigorously.

Holder also spoke out against the new proposed map in Texas of new congressional districts, claiming they under-represent Hispanics. Under the new census,Texas gained 4 congressional seats and Holder's reasoning is that since they account for most of the population growth in that state, by rights the new districts should be drawn so that the new congress members are mostly Hispanic.

The naked partisanship, racism and hypocrisy present in Holder's remarks makes it difficult to believe that someone like this could actually be the nation's top law enforcement official.

What the new photo ID laws really discriminate against is voter fraud, particularly widespread in Blue States but not limited to them. You see, in order to get a state issued photo ID or driver's license, one needs to present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. Since illegal aliens are perceived by the Obama Administration as a Democrat constituency, the last thing someone like Eric Holder wants is for them be denied a vote over a silly issue like citizenship.

His argument about the need for a photo ID discriminating against 'the poor' is likewise fallacious. Virtually every state in the Union has a program allowing American citizens in financial need to obtain a state-issued photo ID free of charge.

Holder's blast at the proposed map of the new Texas congressional districts likewise reveals exactly what kind of man we have as attorney general. He claims to be fighting against what amounts to the redrawing of the new districts by the elected representatives of the people of Texas, but what he's really saying is that he wants the new districts gerrymandered on racial lines to insure more Hispanic congress members..who he assumes, with the benefit of voters whose actual identification and citizenship hasn't been checked will likewise be Democrats. It should also be noted that the census on which this is based likewise does not take citizenship or immigration status into account.

Underlying this argument of Holder's is the outright racism that assumes that 'only a Hispanic' should represent Hispanics. because of course, all non-Hispanics are inherently racist and thus incapable. This resembles a similar argument used for years by the majority of black social workers in California and elsewhere that kept orphaned or unwanted black children from being adopted by otherwise qualified and loving non-black families because 'they couldn't properly raise a black child'.

The Attorney General's pretense about caring about voting rights for all Americans might have a lot more credence if it wasn't for his enforcement of voter intimidation laws on racial lines, and for the systematic and despicable efforts by the Obama Department of Justice to deny votes to our military serving overseas.

But then, our serving military is perceived as a largely Republican constituency, and Holder would rather those voters were disenfranchised. After all, why enforce the laws he swore to uphold if there are some votes to be had? And others to be suppressed?

Such an attitude merits the deepest contempt towards a public official so obviously unfit to serve.

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Anonymous said...

Because I need id and proof of my first born to check out a library book, but proving who you are in order to vote that is racist...wonder how many dead people and illegals they have lined up already.

Anonymous said...

Holder is a racist and a partisan jerk off. No more needs to be said.

B.Poster said...

Voter fraud is destroying our unique Judeo-Christian culture that once made the United States of America a special nation. Many of these illegals don't respect this cultural heritage. If we are going to reverse this decline and return America to the status of a special nation, illegal immigration and voter fraud need to be reversed.

In addition, the social programs these illegals are receiving have gone along way toward bankrupting us. If the Republic is to survive, voter fraud and illegal immigration must be stopped.

Some of the state leadership is trying to do the right thing by trying to curtail this. They should be applauded. The feds are blocking this effort and need to be opposed.

"Such an attitude merits the deepest contempt towards a public official so obviously unfit to serve." I agree whole heartedly. Unfortunately this contemptible man who hates his country is going to prevail in court should the states challenge it. In which case, what will the states do? I see two choices. 1.)Secession, essentially allow the "blue states" and Mr. Holder's supporters to wallow in it and let them be responsible for the bankruptcy that is certain to follow these reckless policies and each state that secedes is now free to pursue its own just interests. 2.)Simply put up with a federal government who hates their country and will do whatever it can to undermine it for the sole benefit of social engineering and getting votes.

Should some states choose to seceede how will the federal government respond? Will they send in the military to keep the states in the union? How will the military respond? These are big questions that may be answered soon. We are rapidly approcahing the point at which states like AZ and TX just to name two states may have no real choice but to seceede.

Anonymous said...

A) Why such stringent requirements on the license to carry concealed then???? Doesn't that discriminate against some frackin' protected group or other???

B) Why not do like in the first couple of elections in Iraq???? You vote, you stick your thumb in a jar of indelible purple ink. That way nobody is barred from voting but you damned sure don't get to vote more than once.

Granted, both of the above points would be anathema to liberal sh*t-bags. They make some minimal amount of sense and they minimize the opportunity to whine about victimhood.

B.Poster said...


I like your comment B. This proves Iraq is no puppet of America as the left likes to claim for the purpose of undermining US interests. Iraq's elections were far to competently run to have been planned or implemented by America.