Thursday, December 22, 2011

Believe It or Not, I Just Felt A Moment Of Sympathy For President Obama

Just heard over the local ABC News: In an interview with Barbara Walters for a holiday edition of 20/20, President Obama and his spouse were just interviewed.

The president's response to being asked who he would be if he could be anyone else was to pass. Michelle Obama? She said she'd want to be their dog Bo,because in her words, "He has a great life."

When asked if he had any complaints about his spouse, the president said he had none. Michelle Obama? She reportedly said her list was too big to mention!

Petulant, back stabbing and perpetually dissatisfied, even when living off the fat of the land. Can you imagine being married to someone like that and waking up next to them in the morning?

Yes, I admit it. I actually had a moment of sympathy for President Obama then and there.

Besides, he gave me a great laugh with his reported answer to Ol' Bawbwa when she asked him if he ever lied. His reported response? Only to family and close associates!

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Anonymous said...

What a shmuck she is. Even if she has complaints about her spouse, you keep that to yourself. But class is not her forte is it.

Sara said...

She got her wish, she is a dog

B.Poster said...

"Petulant, back stabbing, and perpetually dissatisfied, even when living off the fat of the land." I think this quote is pretty much spot on. While I being a sore loser is not good, as a competitor myself who hates losing, I can understand and even emphasize with such a conditon, however, there are FEW THINGS worse than a sore winner. The Obama's and especially Mrs. Obama epitomize sore winners.