Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This Year's White House Xmas Tree Pays Homage to Obama, Not Jesus or Xmas

Speaking of Christmas, they're not, at least not on this year's official Christmas tree at the Capitol:

The 63-foot Sierra White Fir lighted at the U.S. Capitol Grounds on Dec. 6 as the official 2011 Capitol Christmas Tree includes a prominently displayed ornament paying homage to President Barack Obama, but includes no ornament readily visible to a person standing near the tree's base that uses the word “Christmas,” or includes an image of the Nativity, or bears the name or image of Jesus Christ.

On the north side of the tree--at a height of about 4 feet and easily visible to people standing near it---there is an ornament that says: “I ♥ President Obama.”

When asked whether the tree included any ornaments that mention or depict Christmas or the birth of Jesus, the office of the Architect of the Capitol, which is responsible for the tree, told CNSNews.com that it “does not have a policy nor any restrictions concerning the themes for the ornaments” that go on the tree.

According to the linked article, the Capitol Christmas Tree used to be a live tree planted on the grounds, but since 1968 has come from an irregular rotation of states—including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont, and California. The state that sends the tree in also provides the ornaments it will bear.

This year's provider? California. Of course.

I can't even imagine what's on the White House Christmas tree....hopefully it's not condoms, dildos and other assorted sex toys like it was during the Clinton years.

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