Sunday, December 18, 2011

North Korea's Kim Jong Il Is Dead

If, Kim was no puppet but a real live fascist who delighted in brutalizing, raping and starving his own people.

He was 69 or 70 years old and according to the Norks, died of 'fatigue' during a train ride. Since they're just announcing it now, it could have happened pretty much any time this week.

Kim Jong Eun, the youngest of his three sons, is apparently going to carry on the family regime.

Buh-bye Kim Jong Il. Good riddance.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. Good riddance.

louielouie said...

apparently KJI little train ride was into siberia. he's been selling his people to gawd knows who, and went up there to tell them to work to death to support the people back home.
who knew?
i also read where north korea has a National Funeral Committee?
wow, that’s impressive.
reading other articles cause me more questions than answers.
with the exception of KJI achieving room temperature, these articles could have been written at any time. when i was in korea, articles circulated regularly. just insert a different leading subject, and the rest of the article will apply. that’s been 15 years ago.
where was i in south korea? let’s just say it was twenty minutes by car, five seconds by mig.
the questions that i have about some articles, regard hussein, more than KJI. i bet reading the north’s reaction to KJI passing, hussein is envious.
maybe the dems will move to create our own National Funeral Committee.
and we would need a czar to oversee the operation of this new committee.