Friday, December 30, 2011

Iowa Comes Down ToThe Wire

The latest polls show Mitt Romney in a statistical dead heat with Ron Paul, followed by Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. Michele Bachmann is bringing up the rear, having fallen to single digits.

Romney campaigned in Des Moines today, stumping with New Jersey governor Chris Christie on a cold wet day with temperatures in the twenties. Considering the weather, Romeny drew a decent crowd as he mocked President Obama and his $4 million Hawaiian vacation.

"We’re out in the cold and the rain and the wind because we care about America. He just finished his 90th round of golf.”

Governor Christie: “You people disappoint me on Tuesday, you don’t do what you’re supposed to do on Tuesday for Mitt Romney I will be back, Jersey-style, people. I will be back,” he joked.

Rick Santorum is moving up in the polls as Newt Gingrich has been falling. A lot of evangelicals are reportedly giving him a second look. He's invested a great deal of time here in Iowa and he needs a strong finish here to keep his campaign viable.

Michele Bachmann has perhaps the saddest story of all. After winning the Ames straw poll, she suffered perhaps a terminal blow when her Iowa campaign chair defected to Ron Paul without giving her any warning whatsoever.

As much as I like Michele Bachmann, I think what we're seeing here is an indication that her campaign was hurried and perhaps premature. She's only been in Congress four years,and hopefully she can make another try for top job when she's had a little more seasoning and time to process what went wrong this time.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Bachmann is a hard-core poseur whose chief role was that of seperating the gullible sheep sector of the Tea Party and kindred from those with at least a modicum of political street-smarts.

Ron Paul or Ruin!

B.Poster said...

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in a statistical dead heat? If so, the Republican is schitzoid!! These two are essentially polar opposities.

Neither of these candidates has been attacked in any significant way by Mr. Obama, his team, or their media allies. Could this have something to do with why these candidates are apparently on top? I think it likely does.

In the case of Dr. Paul he has not been attacked because the media and much of Mr. Obama's supporters largely agree with him on foreign policy issues. As such, they are quite comfortable around him and even supporting him. While there is substantial difference on economic issues for so called "libertarians, "paleo-conservatives" or whatever else we wish to call them that make up the base of Dr. Paul's support and the "left" that make up the base of President Obama's support, there is little, if any, day light between the groups on foreign policy. Since foreign policy and even social issues take precedent over economic issues for these people, the meida and team Obama have been reluctant to attack Dr. Paul. In addition, the Republican party has largely ignored Dr. Paul except for the occasional attack on him and since he has no real chance at the nomination he has been left alone. That is except for the fawning praise he usually gets for his foreign policy.

It should also be pointed out that Dr. Paul's foreign policy resonates well with so called swing voters and much of main stream Ameria. As such, he is the candidate most capable of beating Mr. Obama should the RNC decide to get behind him. (Yes, I know what your position is on Dr. Paul. This is not meant as an endorsement for Dr. Paul but is meant to point out the political facts on the ground. For the record, I agree with much of your analysis on Dr. Paul but it does not change the political realities on the ground.)

Among all of the Republican candidates still in the race, Mitt Romney is the easiest candidate for the Democrats to beat. Apparently the Republicans are going to allow the democrats to pick their candidate for them. If I know this about Mr. Romney, his adivsors must know this to. Why is he running? Does he enjoy getting clobbered? For the sake of the country, get out of the race Mr. Romney!!

As for the RNC, I think it comes down to a go along to get along attitude. Whether or not a Republican wins the Presidency or even takes a massive hold on the legislative bodies the Democrats will still have a stranglehold on all government agencies and the courts. With this kind of control that the Democrats wield it is problematic at best for a party other than the Democrats to be viable. This likely explains the Republican leadership's go along to get along attitude. Hence we get Mitt Romney for President on the Republican ticket.

Such go along to get along attitudes will only survive as long as the Democrats think they need the allusion of a viable second party or when the Chinese, Russians, or someone else decide its time to terminate America's existence. God willing our country can and will survive in spite of the stupidity on the part of the voters and the RNC.

louielouie said...

He just finished his 90th round of golf.

this confirms romney is ractist.