Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Latest On US/Taliban Secret Negotiations - Mediated By Radical Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Yesterday's The Hindu has published a detailed report on the secret negotiations beyween the Taliban and the US. And even more interesting is whom the go between is...none other than radical Muslim Brotherhood jihadist Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a name I'm sure you're all familiar with.

Qaradiwi is famous for praising Hitler and calling for the extermination of all Jews at the hands of Islam.He's also a huge fan of clitorectomies, wife beating, murdering homosexuals, and of course, the world-wide caliphate.He also praised "martyrdom operations" in Iraq frequently - against our troops.

The Indians are incensed at the American use of Qaradawi as a mediator because of his long standing call for a jihad against India to retake Kashmir:

In 2009, Mr. al-Qaradawi had issued a fatwa, or religious edict, asserting that “the Kashmiris were properly fighting jihad against the Indian army.” The jihad was legitimate, he argued, since mujahideen groups sought to create an Islamic state. Therefore, the edict concluded, it was incumbent on all Muslims to help Kashmiris gain their “freedom from Indian aggression.”

New Delhi, Indian diplomatic sources said, has been warily watching Mr. al-Qaradawi's emergence as peace broker — fearful that his growing influence could help regional jihadist groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad find new sanctuaries in a rapidly changing West Asia or a future Afghan regime which includes the Taliban.

The negotiations themselves have already resulted in Taliban leader Mullah Omar being taken off the American list of most wanted terrorists.Other deal poimts involve the release of all prisoners still held by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, the lifting of United Nations sanctions on the Taliban leadership and recognition as a legitimate, non-terrorist political group.In other words, we're supposed to free the jihadists now held at Club Gitmo, legitimize the Taliban and turn a blind eye as they return Afghanistan back to the 7th century hellhole it was before we came.

In exchange, the Taliban will agree to play nice and to sever ties with al-Qaeda...which is headed back to the Middle East anyway now that we're leaving to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the American retreat and the Arab Spring.By the way, that's exactly why Osama bin-Laden was fingered, because the new al-Qaeda head, Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zarahiri, a former Muslim Brotherhood member, wanted to head back to the Middle East to partake of those new opportunities and bin-Laden refused.

Don't buy the horse manure currently being peddled that the Muslim Brotherhood are 'peaceful' and about political change. They're about change all right, by any means necessary. And they have no problem whatsoever with jihadist violence when it suits them.

Embarrassing that the Obama Administration would turn to a genocidal racist like Qaradawi as a mediator for peace negotiations and add to his clout and prestige. They think they're using the Muslim Brotherhood..but the reality is that the Brotherhood is using them.


B.Poster said...

"They think they're using the Muslim Brotherhood..but the Muslim Brotherhood is using them." This could be right or it could be that they are both using each other. Also the following may be a correct statement. "The Muslim Brotherhood thinks they are using the Americans..but the Americans are using them." Its important to remember that Mr. Obama and his team, while they have blind spots, are not stupid people when it comes to foreign policy.

I can understand why the Indians would be incensed at this. Since Russia, China, and India are likely to be the world's dominant powers in the coming decades and America will likely need cooperation from them in certain areas in the future, angering the Indians is not something to take lightly.

Ultimately this comes down to interests. America faces two major problems here. 1.)It has backlog of worn down and tired equipment as well as a backlog of worn down and tired troops. The troops and equipment are worn down to the point that even basic national defense is problematic. This will take a long, long time to rectify, assuming the money is available to actually rectify the problem. If I'm aware of this, the generals who advise the Presient are too. 2.)With massive economic issues the American people have lost all support for these operation.

Because of issue 1 it is physically impossible for us to continue with the troop and equipment deployment that we currently have. Because of issue 2
it is politically impossible to continue this deployment.

Given that we have no choice but to withdraw, its far better if we can achieve this in a face saving manner. Specifically as you have pointed out before we could have to fight our way out. Also, we could be dealing with Jihadist attacks on us or our interests if this is not achieved in a face saving manner. Regardless we have to withdraw.

As for India's anger over this issue, I can empathize, however, I would point out that the Indians had every opportunity to help us in any number of ways with the Taliban. They chose not to do so. Apparently it comes down to interests. By exposing the secret negotiations, they just made them less likely to succeed and placed American lives in grave danger.

They should not have done this. India is in a far better position militarily, economically, and intellegence gathering than the US is. As such, this comes accross as rather petty on their part. Again, India will likely be the second or third most powerful nation on earth in the coming decades. Angering them is not something to take lightly.

Do they want to help us achieve what we need to achieve? Can we make it worth their while? Perhaps by devloping more of our own oil and gas reserves we can become a major oil exporter and perhaps even one of their suppliers. This might help us.

The first step here for America will be a withdrawl of forces from the Afghanistan. The withdrawl form Iraq is already achieved. This was actually negotiated under the Bush presidency but Mr. Obama is seen as having achieved it. The next step will be a bit more problematic to get the political elite to do but these forces need to be deployed to defensible positions along the borders.

Having achieved a face saving withdrawl from Iraq, if a face saving withdrawl from Afghanistan can be achieved and the economy stays about the same through 2012, Mr. Obama will cruise to re election.

B.Poster said...

I suspected that Bin Laden was "fingered" by Pakistani, Taliban, or Al Qaeda agents. The CIA and other US intellegence agencies are grossly incompetent. The notion that these people suddenly acquired the necessary competence to locate Bin Laden is not credible.

Furthermore, this operation was carried out in the heart of Pakistani defenses. To try and enter this area, would have normally meant one h@ll of a firefight and there is no way we could have expected to enter this area with only two helicopters or whatever it was we entered it with and expect to be able to get our people out alive. As such, someone had to tell the Pakistani military to stand down while Bin Laden was taken.