Thursday, December 22, 2011

Federal Judge Blocks S. Carolina's Illegal Imigration Law

U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ruled in favor today on granting an injunction sought by the Department of Justice to block South Carolina's new laws on illegal immigration, which were set to go into effect January 1t 2012.

The new law requires law enforcement to check the status of anyone they detain or stop in th ecourse of regular police business and have reasonable cause to suspect is in the country illegally.

Gergel also denied the state's request that he suspend all court hearings on the case until the U.S.Supreme Court rules on the Justice Department's suit against Arizona's similar law. That decision is expected in six months or less.

Judge Gergel is an Obama appointee, supported by RINO Lindsay Graham.

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B.Poster said...

The Supreme Court is going to rule in the favor the justice department and the Obama Administration. This is already known. If I know this, SC's highly paid legal counsel knows it to. As such, why are we bothering with this? Maybe its because we wish to "exhaust all options" before doing something extreme.

After the SC and AZ laws are ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme court, the next move will be up to the states. These laws are actually reasonable laws passed by reasonable men and women trying to defend themselves from a takeover by illegal immigrants and to try and prevent such people from bankrupting them by sucking up government benefits that should be not paid at all or should be reserved for those here legally.

If the federal government will not protect the rights of those here legally, states such as AZ and SC may have no choice but to secede from the union. Since we know what the Supreme Court will decide, why not just stop wasting time and money and either secede now or just resign themselves to being bullied by a federal government who is an anathema to their just interests? Maybe they feel they need to "go through the motions" in order to gain the support they will need for the next move they have planned.

I Don't know. I can't speak for them but it does seem pointless to waste time and money on a futile process like challenging the Justice Department in court on a case they aren't going to win even if they are right. Again, if I know this, the highly paid legal counsel for AZ and SC knows it to. Maybe this legal consel is trying to further suck the taxpayers dry.