Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newt Doubles Down On 'Palestinians' Remarks:"Enough Lying About The Middle East"

One of my absolute favorite moments of last nights debate...especially since it was a response not only to ABC's talking heads but to 'anti-Zionist' Ron Paul. And note how the audience responded to Gingrich's smackdown!

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B.Poster said...

I liked that too!! Mr. Gingrich would make a good president, however, Mr. Romney will get the nomination by hook or crook. It really does not matter. He's getting the nomination regardless. I'm not sure why we are wasting time.

B.Poster said...

I heard about Newt's response before I listened to the attached youtube. Essentially while Dr. Paul talks about non interventionist policy which I agree with, he seems to advocate that in the interest of diplomacy we should have lied about the true nature of the conflict. This actually seems to be a pattern for Dr. Paul and his supporters.

He and/or his supporters have a youtube out that essentially discusses what would happen if Chinese troops occupied TX. The desire is to compare this to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Unfortunately in doing so they completely fail to supply the context in which Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded. Also, they fail to fully appreciate the ruthlessness of the Chicoms and the level of support they have around the world. If the US had done to China what Islamists aided and abetted by Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq had done to the US, China's response would have been swift and brutal. Essentailly and "uprisings" or "insurgencies" would have been put down very quickly and US citizens would not have been allowed to hold elections nor would the US have been expected to get generous loans from the IMF. In addition, WTO sanctions and other sanctions would have been crippling to the US. Finally, US leaders would not have been able to control the bidding on the development of US natural resources. These would have been soley for the benefit of China.

Now Dr. Paul is right about one thing at least. Our economic situation will force a change in our foreign policy, however, it appears the candidate has a problem with the truth or in presenting the full context of a situation so the proper decisions can be made. Sometimes to say nothing is a lie. In this case, to omit key facts about the Israeli/Arab dispute is a lie. A diplomacy policy or a national security policy based on lies and ommissions will not be a good one. Unfortunately all politicians and leaders seem to lie to a certain degree, however, Dr. Paul has never been properly vetted as the media loves him. I never saw this aspect of the man and his supporters. Either way not good. While he is still the most likely to be beat Obama in a head to head matchup, his foreign policy is definitely not the best thing since warm bread as the media has tried to portray it.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is an idiot

Old School said...

I will admit that Mr. Gingrich's remarks are historically accurate. However, at this point, the Palestinians are very much a people in their own perception and that of many others. Attempting to relegate them to non-peoplehood, as it were, was foolish in my opinion.