Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can Men And Women Be Just Friends??

Ahh, the age old question...can men and women be just friends, especially if the male finds the woman hot and attractive? Asked here of a bunch of college kids at Utah State. The girls, of course, all say yes and the guys almost all say no...with the followup questions to the girls and their reactions being particularly funny.

My own answer? Of course they can be friends. But that said,in my opinion the answer depends on:

(a) Age, maturity and hormone level. College students are probably not the most representative group!

(b) Whether the woman involved is using the 'friend' dodge to keep her options open and keep the male 'friend' in question hanging around.

(c) Whether the male in question is getting sexually satisfied elsewhere and/or has been around enough to realize that he's enjoying what he's getting out of the relationship as it is and that sometimes bringing sex into the equation really louses things up.

Of course, sometimes it doesn't...!

Enjoy yourselves. And I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on the matter.

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Sara said...

No way and women need to cover up so the temptresses don't lure innocent men. If they have sexy eyes they need to cover their eyes too. (kidding)

Actually, I think it's challenging.

Steve said...

No way. If she's hot, you always want to bed her.

Anonymous said...

I have guy friends, but I have to admit, I know they would hook up with me if I wanted it. It's the guy nature, duh!

Anonymous said...

You nail it when you say that a lot of chickies will keep a guy hanging around as a 'friend' with his tongue hanging just to see if somebody better turns up.

No guy should put up with it, if she wants something like that,tell her to get a dog.

Lindsay said...

You're the one who's probably a dog,'anonymous'. You sound like my ex.