Friday, December 09, 2011

Obama Celebrates Hanukkah At The White House - Two Weeks Early???

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met at the White House to light a menorah and commemorate Hannukah.

The only trouble is that the holiday doesn't start for almost two weeks, and the president was aware of it. He laughed about it, saying 'we never need an excuse for a good party."

Hey,yeah, just a party! How 'bout we celebrate Independence Day in May, or Christmas in July? Ain't no thing!

Yeah, gotta get that Jewish Hanukkah out of the way, get it over with. Of course,the president's celebration of the Muslim Eid is always going to be right on time.

This is simply another instance of his obvious lack of respect for Judaism and its traditions we've seen before. And there's another clue to how President Obama really feels in how the president described Hanukkah, as "right over might, faith over doubt."

There was no mention of the fact that it also commemorates an amazing victory in the first war ever fought for religious freedom, Israel's defeat of the Seleucid Empire, then one of the worlds great powers. The president is likely clueless about this, but if he isn't, I'm sure the last thing he wants to remind anyone of is a Jewish military victory over great odds.

A message to members of the Tribe...if you simply can't see your way to pulling the lever for a pro-Israel Republican, at least don't vote to put someone like Barack Obama back in the White House.

Just don't vote for president this time. Sit this one out.

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What a douche.