Saturday, December 24, 2011

President Reagan's Address To The Nation, 1981

President Reagan's first Christmas address to the nation, just in case you've forgotten how real leaders sound. Still inspiring, 30 years later.

The president had recovered from being wounded in an assassination attempt only 9 months earlier, and was in the midst of cleaning up the mess he'd been left with - a failed foreign policy, double digit interest rates,high inflation and unemployment, and a declining economy. His words and his faith in G-d, country and his fellow Americans shine through in every word.So does his strength and his character as a man.

And notice how he opens the speech referring to himself as a tenant in the people's house? Which is also where the Reagans spent that Christmas. Jetting off to a luxury $4 million vacation at the taxpayer's expense when so many of his fellow Americans were unemployed and suffering would have been unthinkable to President Ronald Reagan.


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