Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Gingrich Roundup

One of the interesting things about Newt Gingrich is how few people who actually know him or have served in Congress with him have much good to say about him. And we're not talking RINO's or establishment Republicans, but people who have been a part of the conservative cause for years. Today's crop includes:

  • Ann Coulter, who apparently loathes him

  • Long time conservative R. Emmett Tyrrell, the founder of the American Spectator, who weighs in on the many similarities between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, something I also picked up on here, along with certain similarities both Clinton and Gingrich have with President Obama.

  • Elliot Abrams, former Assistant Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration who went public on how insulting, obstructive and disdainful so-called 'Reagan conservative' Gingrich actually was of President Reagan and his policies, as does long time commentator Mark Shields.

  • I'll say it again. Character is destiny.

    If Newt Gingrich is the GOP nominee, I will vote for him over Barack Obama with my nose held and with grave misgivings. We may lose quite badly in the end even if Gingrich wins.


    ligneus said...

    Professor Jacobson begs to differ.

    Rob said...

    Yes, I know. Although it's worth noting that the only part he disagreed with was Elliot Abram's writing about Gingrich's relationship with Ronald Reagan, which is just as valid as the source he cited.

    I respect Bill a great deal, but we part ways on this one.

    We're talking here about a disagreement over what's more important, revanchist ideological bomb throwing or actually electing a competent president and defeating Obama.

    The first may feel more satisfying,but to me the second is much more important.


    Crazy Bald Guy said...

    I think the only one that I couldn't hold my nose and vote for is Ron Paul... I would vote for Newt if he was nominated, but I hope he doesn't get nominated because I think he will eventually self destruct.

    Anonymous said...

    Never heard of Emmet Tyrell. Could care less what Man Coulter thinks.

    Sarah Palin trumps all of them. She knows that the machine that destroyed her is doing the same thing to Newt.