Thursday, January 12, 2012

John Bolton To Endorse Romney, Join His team Of Advisers

Yes indeed, the 'stache is backing Mitt Romney and more importantly, will join Romney's already stellar team of foreign policy and national security advisers.

Aside from being our most effective UN ambassador ever and an expert on nuclear weapons and proliferation, Bolton has consistently voiced his disapproval for the sort of state department 'culture' that frequently serves America so badly and an advocate for a muscular and sensible foreign policy. An America with Bolton as NSA or Secretary of State would be a very different proposition from what we currently have.

This once again underlines what I've always said - that Mitt Romney is the GOP candidate who is actually serious about foreign policy and national security issues, with the possible exception of John Huntsman.

You'll notice that the linked WSJ refers to Ambassador Bolton as 'irascable' in what purports to be a straight news piece. That's actually a recommendation as far as I'm concerned. I want someone who is irascable to our enemies, supportive of our friends, and no one's fool when it comes to agreements to the international order.


louielouie said...

yes this is good news.
my only criticisms of bolton would be that he is not as hawkish as i would like to see, and is not as plain spoken as i would like. i think he holds back too much.

Scott Kirwin said...

I'm a big fan of Bolton. He's the first UN Ambassador that I've ever liked. I'm also interested in Walid Phares and notice that he's on Romney's team.

That makes me like Romney just a bit more. But I'm still having trouble with Bain.