Friday, January 13, 2012

Nasty Computer Virus Alert

I received the information below from a trusted source, and after researching it I verified that there's a new, insidious and dangerous computer virus being spread. Tis is NOT a joke...please circulate this to your friends, family and contacts:

Subject: URGENT!!


In the coming days, you should be
aware.....Do not open any message with an
attachment call ed : Invitation FACEBOOK,
regardless of who sent it. It is a
virus that opens an OlympIc torch that burns
the whole hard disc C of your computer.
Virus name: KOOBFACE.

This virus will be received from someone you had in
your address book. That's why you should send this
message to all your contacts. It is better to
receive this email 25 times than to receive the
virus and open it.

If you receive an email call ed : Invitation FACEBOOK, though sent
by a friend, do not open it and delete it imm ed iately. It is the
worst virus announced by CNN. A new virus has been discovered
recently that has been classified by Microsoft as the most
destructive virus ever.
It is a Trojan Horse that asks you to watch a YOU TUBE video and
install an adobe flash plug-in. Once you install it, it's all over.
And there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply
destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital
information of their function is saved.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

OH NOES!!! This is almost as bad as when computers started to transmit the swine flu via the internet!

Happy Friday the 13th.