Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Iranians To Return US Drone To Obama - Who Says There's No Muslim Sense of Humor?

You remember the top secret American RQ-170 Sentinel drone went down over Iran last month, the one President Obama asked them to pretty please return?

Well the Iranians are complying...sort of.

While Iran may have trouble reverse engineering the drone itself, an Iranian company has profited by making miniature toy versions of the drone. The toys come on several colors, are made of Iranian plastic, and most of them have already been snapped up by Iranian government organizations.

A special model — a pink one — has been specially reserved for President Obama.

“He said he wanted it back, and we will send him one,” said Reza Kioumarsi, the head of cultural production at the Ayeh Art group.

I wonder if President Obama's going to keep it on his desk as a sign of 'engagement'?

The Ayeh Art Group normally makes things like t-shirts, posters, buttons and mugs but is now cranking out 2,000 of the toy drones a day.

“This is not made in China,” Kioumarsi stressed.

The toy drones also come with a special transparent plastic stand emblazoned with a quotation from Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic: “We will put America under our feet.”


Who says there no laughter in Islam? Certainly they're finding President Obama pretty comical.


B.Poster said...

If the Americans were to humiliate Iran in this manner, the media would howl with rage against American imperialism or something of this nature. When Iran humilitaes America in this manner, it is either encouraged by the media or reported in the same manner that the weather is reported.

As for putting America under their feet, this is why it is vitally important that Iran either be prevented from gaining nuclear weapons or at the very least formulating a strategy to defend ourselves should this happen. America does not wish to be subjigated in this manner. If America threatened to put Iran under its feet, the media would howl with rage against American leadership.

"While Iran may be having trouble reverse engineering the drone itself...." Actually its unlikely Iran is having any trouble at all with this. Its very likely that Iran has already figured out how to do this. Even if they are unable to do this on their own, the Russians and Chinese, as well as European scientists are probably helping them. As such, they've probably already figured out to reverse engineer. Once this is combined with their own technology and that of Russia and China they will very likely be building drones that are superior to the ones we've had and will be able to render the ones we have useless.

Our people will need to make adjustments to our drones if we are going to be able to continue to use them. Thye've probably already started, however, there is a disturbing tendency within the American defense and intellegence establishment to overestimate our own capabilities while drastically underestimating the capabilities of enemies and potential adversaries.

"Certainly they're finding President Obama pretty comical." While I disapprove of much of Mr. Obama's policies, there is nothing he could have done here. I'm sure the drones have a self destruct mechanism but when the Iranians captured it they took control of it and it became "their" drone. As such, it responds to their commands now and we'd be unable to send it such a signal. If a team is sent in to retrieve it, they'd need to know where it is. We have no idea where it is. Even if those obstacles were overcome, it is likely very well guarded. As such, I don't envision how we would capture it and get it out of the country.

Finally, if it could be destroyed via some sort of self destruct mechanism, Iranian personnel, Russian personnel, and possibly even Chinese personnel would be likely be killed. This would be the perfect excuse for these parties to launch direct military operations against American interests and probably even the American mainland. Essentially there's nothing the Presdient could have done.

Nothing "comical" about the situation. Our drones have been an effective part of our war effort and now they are not only useless but how to beat them has likely been passed on to every other enemy and potential adversary. We'll never be able to use those again without signifcant upgrades. Hopefully our people have prepared for this and have upgraded systems ready or nearly ready.

Anonymous said...

"If americans humiliated Iran"?

What do you call the wardrums calling for an attack on Iran?

What do you call the killing of Iranian scientists?

Some of you Yankees are so incredibly uninformed.

Ymar Sakar said...

And they're going to upgrade those systems using money that doesn't exist. Great idea.

Sara Noble said...

Why don't we send a few real drones over there and knock out their nuclear capabilities to thank them for their gift. I wish O would stop sending letters asking for sit downs.

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