Sunday, January 15, 2012

Huntsman's Out

Republican presidential candidate Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will announce tomorrow that he's dropping out of the GOP presidential race. He's also going to announce his endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney, something that won't mean much in South Carolina but that definitely will make a difference elsewhere. He finished third in New Hampshire.

While I agree with Huntsman's motives - he realizes that he has no chance of his own and wants to help Romney, perhaps in exchange for a quid pro quo if Romney wins - I'm rather sorry he's leaving the fray this early. He's an intelligent, sensible man with a lot of good ideas I found appealing, especially when it came to the economy, trade policy, and China and the Far East.

Here's hoping we see his gifts used in a different capacity.


Scott Kirwin said...

Krauthammer once said that he was the Democrat's idea of what a Republican should be. I'd have to agree. He was always tainted by his being an Obama appointee.

And honestly, I wouldn't trust him with China. He seemed to make the same mistakes that foreigners have been making for centuries about the place: that they could deal with it on their terms. As a result he'd kowtow to it in a heartbeat.

Sara Noble said...

Jon Stewart had higher poll numbers