Thursday, January 19, 2012

Then There Were Four; Perry Quits, Endorses Gingrich

The only question I have is, why now? Why not 2 months ago?


louielouie said...

living in a flyover state i can't really say.
but what i've seen over the past twenty some odd years is that in every presidential election, there is a figure, in some capacity, from either massachusetts or texas. there are possibly very strong local forces that want him to continue.
it probably isn't easy to get in, and even harder to get out. sort of like the mafia in a way. i suppose.

B.Poster said...

Why now, why not two months ago? Probably because he had support two months ago that involved big money donors and now he has lost those big money donors. Also, he correctly believed he would have made a good President and, as such, he felt he should try to stick it out.

His biggest problem is he does not do well in debates. America's problems are far to severe and intractable to be properly addressed in a debate format. A serious country would not use a debate format to select its CEO. The fact that America selects its President in such a non serious way is one of many indicators that Aemrica is fundamentally not a serious country right now. The major world powers have to be laughing hysterically at us. Truly sad.

In contrast to Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich would not make a good President but he is an excellent debater and, as such, has surged in the polls. He's about to be destroyed politically by his ex wives. Kind of sad really, while he would not have been a good President, one of his few redeeming qualities is he fights. This is in contrast to most Republicans eho go along to get along.