Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's Target - Mitt Romney

One matter of interest about the current GOP race - in spite of Newt Gingrich's recent surge of popularity, the main target of the Obama campaign and it's surrogates remains - Mitt Romney.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the major public employee union is spending 7 figure sums on ads depicting Governor Romney as an out of touch greedy plutocrat.

In Florida, the SEIU and a super-PAC supporting President Obama have teamed up to make a major buy in Spanish language media, running an ad attacking Romney titled “Dos Caras” or "Two Faces".

And tonight, depend on President Obama's State of the Union address to bash the class war drum for all he's worth by concentrating on ' the wealthy few', 'tax reform' ( read 'tax the rich' and 'economic inequality'. Romney's name won't be mentioned, but there's no doubt whom the president is talking about. It's the same ridiculous meme the president's surrogates in th epress have been pushing for days, aided and abetted by Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and to an extent, Rick Santorum.

The conclusion's obvious - the Obama campaign considers Romney a much greater threat to the president's re-election than they do Newt Gingrich.

They're very likely right about that.


ligneus said...

The conclusion's obvious - the Obama campaign considers Romney a much greater threat to the president's re-election than they do Newt Gingrich.

They're very likely right about that.

Since they've been wrong on just about everything I would say they're wrong about this too.

Anonymous said...

More likely they are attacking Romney because he is easier to attack. Preppy 1-percenter who represents the greed and corruption of Wall Street and the establishment. It's not just the liberals who feel that way about Romney.

louielouie said...

i got a dentist apppointment tonight.
my dentist just called and said he is out of lidocaine.
the SOTU speech is coming on in a few.
i’m off to the dentist.

Rob said...

Beat that class warfare drum anonymous! Just be careful not to9 gum up your keyboard.

Most Americans still admire people who made their own money honestly. So of course, the tactic is to smear them by making it appear they didn't.

Some idiots fall for that.

Anonymous said...

Romney is not exactly a self-made man. At least not anymore than George W. Bush or JFK Jr. He is still preferable to Obama, but I don't see how he can win an election with the country club vote alone.

Rob said...

You're unfortunately wrong once again, anonymous.

George Romney, Mitt's father made his wealth when he became president of a faltering American Motors and mortgaged his personal home to buy stock in the company to encourage nervous investors.In classic American entrepreneur fashion, he put the company's emphasis on the Rambler, betting that Americans would buy an economy car when everybody told him he was crazy. He turned out to be right and the stock mushroomed.

Mitt probably benefited from his father's name. but like many children of wealthy parents he wanted to make his own success. The money he earned at Bain is entirely of his own making and he gave away the wealth he inherited from his father to charity.

That's a very different story from Dubbya's and JFK Jr's.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware of some of the facts you just mentioned, but I don't think it changes the fact that Romney is a preppy douchebag.

I don't begrudge anyone for making money, but that seems to be Romney's only credential other than being a liberal governor. If we choose presidents based on success in the private sector, why not nominate Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. At least they didn't get rich by destroying companies and outsourcing jobs.

Rob said...

Yes, it's obvious your mind is made up and there's no reason to bring facts into it,is there?

You might want to read this for a few more inconvenient facts, but it's fine with me if you'd rather not.