Monday, January 16, 2012

Hezbollah Mumbai-Style Attack Against Jewish Targets Foiled In Bangkok

A Lebanese/Swedish man seized by Thai authorities led them to a warehouse filled with bomb making materials today.

The police removed more than 8,800 pounds of urea fertilizer and several gallons of liquid ammonium nitrate from the warehouse, located in Samut Sakhon, a western suburb of Bangkok.

Atris Hussein,who was seized by Thai police at the airport denied any association with Hezbollah at first, claiming he was on holiday. But he eventually cracked under interrogation and admitted he was on a mission to attack Jewish, Israeli and American sites in Bangkok and that explosive materials had already been put in place by a a Hezbollah team that had already scouted out the targets and was going to brief the actual shooters, of whom Hussein was one. He then led police to the explosives, as well as a number of small arms and GPS navigators, the same tools used in Mumbai to pinpoint targets for the Pakistani killers.

The Thais reportedly were tipped off about the ongoing plot from the Mossad and from the American CIA.

According to what's emerged so far, one target was the Chabad House in Bangkok, which is fairly large and has rooms for dozens of guests, a reflection of the popularity of Bangkok and other spots in Thailand like Phuket with Israeli tourists. Another team of killers was supposed to hit restaurants and bars along the Khao San Road area, which are popular with Israelis and Americans. In other words, this attack was to be a mirror image of what happened in Mumbai.

Chabad rabbis in Thailand on Sunday said they were taking safety precautions after reports emerged that a terror cell was planning to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in the country.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor of the Jewish Association of Thailand said he was in close contact with the authorities and they had taken measures to ensure the safety of his family and guests.

“The Thai authorities are taking this very seriously and so are we,” said Kantor. “We are in close contact with them.”

Thai authorities are currently looking for other members of the Hezbollah cells who are still believed to be in Thailand, although some of them have reportedly left the country, most likely by crossing over to Laos and catching a plane from Vientiane back to the Middle East.

The Iranians have said numerous times that they were going to retaliate against Israel and America for the sanctions. This was probably the opening move.

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B.Poster said...

I agree that this was likely the openning move. So far sanctions have been little more than something between a tap on the shoulder and a pin prick. In retaliation, Iran threatens to close the strait of Hormuz. Something like this would be akin to a punch to the jaw. Wby is Iran not being condemed or at least questioned in the media about this "dangerous escalation?" I think we know the answer to that.

Even the hard core left media is admitting it will not be "if" there is war with Iran it will be "when." What these people can't or won't realize is it will be Iran who initiates it rather than America. While America is geared toward defense, Iran is on offense. As such, the attack will come at a time and place of Iran's choosing. Russia and China may play a hand in the timing.

Iranian agents simillar to those in Bangkok are likely already operating in America. When Iran makes its move, they will attack targets in America. Conventional bombs and unconventional weapons perhaps poison gas, dirty bombs, and portable nuclear weapons may be used. The death toll among Amerians may be in the millions.

War with Iran is not to be taken lightly. If Mr. Obama thinks he is going to use something like this as an "October surprise" to get reelected, he may have a nasty surprise coming.