Monday, January 16, 2012

Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett Uses Church Pulpit To Blast Republicans

Senior Obama Advisor Valarie Jarrett celebrated MLK Day by using the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta for a rabid political speech damning Republicans and shilling for her boss:

"Teachers, and firefighters, and policemen, whose jobs are now in jeopardy because Congress--well let me be specific--because the Republicans in Congress," Jarrett told the crowd. According to the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, at this point, "Before she could finish her sentence, people in the congregation were laughing, and applauding."

At the Sunday service, Jarrett also brought up Osama bin Laden's death in order to praise the president. "We all sleep a little better at night knowing Osama Bin Laden and his lieutenants are not plotting a terrorist attack against the United States," Jarrett said. Then she pivoted to Iraq: "I saw so many soldiers returning home from their last tour of duty in Iraq, in time for the Christmas holidays."

At the end of Sunday's sermon, after Jarrett had delivered her remarks to the congregation, the church held a voter registration drive.

The height of chutzpah to use Dr. Martin Luther King's own church to libel the Republican party Dr. King was a member of his entire life, no?

And I certainly wish someone had been there when she mentioned all those soldiers returning from Iraq to ask her why her boss was tossing so many of them out of the military with no benefits to fend for themselves in the poisonous job market he's created. Somehow, I think a question like that would not have been greeted with love and Christian tolerance.

Another thing comes to mind...why is a church with its tax exempt status feel free to use its pulpit as an arena to give a full on political 'sermon'?

Ah, I forgot. It's only a violation of the Leftist mantra of 'a wall between church and state' when their political enemies do it.

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