Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turkey Says Will Not Allow NATO To Use Its Territory To Attack Iran

Turkey, a member of NATO issued a statement today that they will not allow their fellow NATO allies to use Turkish soil or facilities to attack Iran. The statement came from Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, according to RIA Novosti. Davutoglu ended by saying that the borders between Iran and Turkey have been borders of peace and will remain that way.

This is the second time the Islamist regime in Turkey has pulled this sort of thing.You might remember that the Turks refused to allow US forces to go through Turkey en route Iraq, causing America and its allies a great deal of extra logistical trouble and expense. You have to wonder why we still consider them allies at all.

Hug and kiss Erdogan some more, Mr. President!

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B.Poster said...

The scenario for how this would begin is by Iran attacking the US or its interests. Its not going to begin by the US attacking Iran first. There's a zero percent possibility of the US doing this preemptively. If the media could see past their ideology, they would qucikly grasp this.

Is the Turkish leadership simply echoing the main stream media talking points in its statement? Are they saying they will not allow NATO to use their territory in a preemptive attack by America and its "allies" in NATO? Would their position change if the US was attacked and needed to respond in self defense?

Somehow I think not. If there would be one good thing that would come out of such a thing, it would be that American leadership would finally have no choice but to drop the pretense that Turkey is somehow a friend of America.

Does anyone really believe that NATO members would really help Aemrica in any way in attack on Iran? Anyone who allows facts and not ideology to rule their analysis would know that NATO would not help us.

If I know there is zero possibility of an American preemptive attack on Iran and that there is no way NATO would assist in any American attack on Iran in any shape or form, the Turkish leader must know this too. As such, why make this statement now. It seems wholly unnecessary unless he knows something we don't. Perhaps the Iranian attack on America is imminent and he wishes to be crystal clear to the Iranians and possibly the Russians and Chinese what his position is.

There is another way America could be drawn into a war with Iran. Since there have been talks of positioning American troops in Israel, they could be drawn into a fight if Iran attacks Israel.

Actually Iran will probably attack Israel and America at the same time. Israeli citizens have been trained in basic defense such as how to use gas masks and how to survive chemical attacks and Americans generally have not, Israel would be in a much better position to actually be able to defend itself and to actually respond to the attack than Aemrica would be.