Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ron Paul:U.S. should not support Israel, Defends Hamas, Homicide bombing,Calls Gaza 'Concentration Camp'

This interview was done January 5th, 2009. On Iran's Press TV, no less. Tell me again he doesn't hate Jews.


Sara said...

After his comments about wishing Israel didn't exist, I am so done. Before I'd vote for him, I'd have to be falling down drunk and would hopefully not remember it the next day.
At least with Obama, he sort of protects us, in a way.

B.Poster said...

In this interview, Dr. Paul completely fails to point out the massive aid that the Palestinians and other Arab states are receiving from the US. Aid to the Palestinians, unlike aid to Israel, is largely unconditional.

Furthermore, Dr. Paul fails to point out that the aid to Israel is highly conditional and that the US has used this aid to play a significant role in pressuring Israel to agree to surrender land that is vital to Israel's defense, to pressure to Israel in not finishing off either Hamas or Hezbollah in their wars with them, and to "show restraint" in their military actions to defend their people. The US routinely criticizes Israeli actions and brow beats them to "show restraint" and characterizes their actions as "not helpful" to peace.

Dr. Paul conveniently ignores all of this. In doing so he is either a.) uninformed, b.)lying, or c.)is blinded by ideology. It seems unlikely that a prominent US official like Dr. Paul would be uninformed. As such, I suspect it is a combination of b and c. Regardless this is not good. If the RNC got behind this man, he'd probably be our next president!!

When a prominent US offical does an interview with an Iranian media outlet where he essentially praises the Iranain position against the US and criticzes a major strategic ally of the US in Israel, he is hailed as a hero in the US. If a prominent Iranian offical were to conduct an intervies with say Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or some other major US news outlet, where he criticized the official position of the Iranian and government as well as the positions of strategic allies of Iran, what would happen to him/her? I suspect the very best possible outcome for them would be expulsion from their positon within the government. They may even face imprisonment or possibly even death for doing such a thing. If I'm right which I suspect I am, this says a great deal about the differences between the two countries. I'm not sure. Just asking. Any thoughts on this?