Sunday, January 29, 2012

Michael Savage Rips Ron Paul To Shreds

Not one of my favorites, but when Dr. Savage is on target, he's really on target...


B.Poster said...

This was a very interesting talk by Mr. Savage. Mr. Savage largely nailed it regarding Dr. Paul!!

Unfortunately it will make no difference at all. While Mr. Savage likely has a large audience, he is largely "speaking to the choir." As such, he is only speaking to people who already agree with him. His audience, while large enough for him to be profitable, is a niche audience. He does not have a broad based following.

In contrast, Dr. Paul has a very large and diverse audinece of people who agree with him. Furhtermore this braod based audience is growing. When Mr. Savage predicts that Mr. Obama will win reelection easily I hope he is wrong but given the current state of politics in America there is a good chance he is right.

UCSPanther said...

His brain dead personality cult is already acting butt-hurt, as usual.

Its fun to troll them. Just compare Ron Paul to Kim Jong Il and watch the sparks fly.