Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bret Baier's FOX News Special Report On Benghazi

Generally speaking, a pretty good walk through on what happened, although it skips some major details and is far too fair to the Obama Administration and their attempted coverup in my opinion.Mark Steyn and John Bolton have some good bits, as does ex-CIA head Porter Goss.

Why Fox aired this at 10PM on a Friday night is another question.


B.Poster said...

"Why FOX aired this at 10PM on a Friday night is another question."

With all due respect this decision on their part is hardly surprising. It simply requires one to understand just what FOX news is rather than simply accepting what the main stream news media tells us what FOX news is without critically examining the record.

FOX news is often unfairly accused of being a right wing news outlet or being a Republican news outlet. In actuality, while FOX news may have a few commentators the hard news sections are all politically left of center as are most of the news analysis sections. With that said to one who is far left like most of the news sources are now to them FOX may seem far right or something to this effect but it is simply not the case.

FOX is a left of center news outlet. The American people, on the whole, are politically left of center. This is why FOX is the most watched news station. If it were truly in the tank for Republicans or a far right news outlet as its detractors often accuse it of being it would not be where it is in terms of being watched!!

This has been a bit long worded, however, it does explain the decision to air this 10PM on Friday. FOX recognizes the importance of this and realizes it cannot and should not be ignored, like most of the media will do. Additionly, being left of center politically they do not wish to do any thing that would be seen as overly harmful to Mr. Obama.

As such, the decision was made to run the story when they did and to tone it down in the manner they did. Rest assured had this been a Republican in the White House FOX would have run this in prime and would not have toned it down. Very respectfully your question is easily answered when one understands just what FOX news is and what it is not.

Shang-Way said...

Can someone tell me where I can get tv transcripts for the fox news report.



Gxyzp said...

What I saw tonight was three genuinely good, caring men who were deeply affected by a terrible experience. It is so hopeful to know of the goodness of the young men who fight for our safety and security. The world right now is very scary, very filled with evil and only the goodness of men like these can save us. I am so proud of them . Thank you Fox, again.