Wednesday, October 24, 2012

President Obama's Insulting '2nd Term Agenda' Booklet


One thing about President Obama I've always disliked is a characteristic he shares with much of the left - the belief that everyone's stupid but themselves.

The president recently published a twenty page booklet outlining his agenda for a second term with lots of pictures for whom he obviously considers as the knuckle draggers in flyover country. It's insulting and absurd.

This is the president's 'New Economic Patriotism' he keeps jabbering know, everybody pays more taxes, especially 'the rich'. Except the Obamas and their cronies, that is.

Last year, the taxpayers of the United States spent $1.4 billion solely to maintain the Obamas in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to. This includes the five star vacations, the president's incessant rounds of golf, the numerous parties and junkets, the fees paid to the entertainers at the White House, the inflated staff's salaries, the whole enchilada. By contrast, Britain maintained its entire Royal Family for a mere $57.8 million during the same period. Apparently for President Obama. 'Economic Patriotism' doesn't begin at home.

The president's 7 point plan basically promises more of what we've had during the last four years, except more of it.

He wants to pad the public employee union rolls by several hundred thousand, the better to finance future Democrats.

He spends a lot of time talking about outsourcing while saying nothing about changing the high taxes and stifling government regulations that guarantee it will continue, and even repeats the lie about how he's going to 'end tax deductions for outsourcing' when no such tax deduction exists except in his universe.

He brags about how he's reduced demand for imported foreign oil without mentioning that his economic policies have raised priced to the sky and kept demand low, along with demand for a lot of other things.People out of work in a stagnant economy don't usually fill up their gas tanks with cheerful abandon at $4.50 a gallon.

He claims he wants to invest in wind, solar, and clean coal to reduce demand further, but since we don't yet have sun powered cars or ones with sails, something is apparently lost in translation.

The only thing on the list that could be used to make oil is the coal, and we all know how this president feels about the coal industry.

Meanwhile, oil production on Federal land is declining, lots of our off shore drilling is blocked and the president's EPA is straining at the leash to go after fracking and shut down energy booms like the one in North Dakota if this president is re-elected.

The president little tract also makes much of his bailing out of GM and Chrysler. That gift to his union supporters at the taxpayer's expense cost us over $85 billion that will never be recovered, including a $45.4 billion special tax break for GM the president sneaked through by executive order.

He claims he wants to cut corporate tax rates, cut spending and reduce the deficit. He could have cut corporate taxes a long time ago, cutting spending has not been a hallmark of the Obama Administration to say the least and I seem to recall some verbiage by the president about cutting the deficit some time ago.

Odd how that turned out.In fact, President Obama even disregarded the recommendations of his own deficit-reduction commission!

No matter though. The booklet is saturated with pictures of President Obama beaming down at workers, children and peasants in true Dear Leader style. In fact that's really the booklet's focus,Obama as our feudal Lord and Dear Leader.

Anyone who's reasonably well informed would consider the whole thing a gross insult, but then, that's not the audience it's geared towards.

It says a great deal about President Obama and his contempt for much of the electorate - especially his supporters - that he would issue something like this with an election two weeks off and expect it to fly.


louielouie said...

with lots of pictures for whom he obviously considers as the knuckle draggers in flyover country. It's insulting and absurd.

i wanna be in it!!!!
i don't share ff sentiment on this. if hussein is wanting to insult and/or degrade me, i'll wear that badge of honor any day of the week.
as for flyover country, having knuckle draggers, when is hussein going to tell the ra......., ra......, islamists to give up their guns and religion?
yeah, thought so.
and speaking of flyover country ...........

Of the cities surveyed in the lower 48 states, Tulsa, Okla., has the nation's lowest average price for gas at $3.26. San Francisco has the highest at $4.51

enjoy the weather LL chuckles to hisself as he hits the publish button.
i bet you won't post this comment.

Rob said...

LOL, Louie!

Actually, the high prices are due to two things..the high state taxes and sales taxes (almost 10% in my neighborhood, and it will be over 10% if Prop 30 passes)and some curious legislation passed when Jerry Brown was governor the first time back in the 1970's.

It involved the Indonesian junta, a deal they made with Jerry's father Governor Pat Brown when he was in office and making sure business as usual continued by tweaking a few regs. It has enriched the Brown family ever since, but means Californians pay higher prices for oil, gas and energy.


louielouie said...

curious legislation passed when Jerry Brown was governor the first time back in the 1970's.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

"He claims he wants to invest in wind.."

And I totally believe this part of the statement ;-)

Rob said...

B'emet, Haboom..our president is heavily invested in wind.

That's about all he produces.