Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baroness Thatcher..

Baroness Margaret Thatcher turns 87 today, and it is definitely a day to celebrate a courageous woman and a champion of  human freedom.

The old Lioness is in retirement now, but I still remember when Baroness Thatcher was in her fighting trim, a warrior queen who took no prisoners and scared the pants off of Britain's socialist establishment by pointing out loudly and clearly what they were doing to her country and where it would ultimately lead. She was entirely right, and they've never forgiven her for that, but it takes nothing away from her courageous fight. Here's a sample:

This was the woman who was a staunch ally of President Reagan in defeating the Evil Empire and used to urge her great friend on by saying, 'Don't go wobbly on me, Ronnie.'

Good health and best wishes, Baroness, and many happy returns.

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Anonymous said...

You may find this hard to believe, but during the infamous ' Winter Of Discontent ' which preceded Thatcher's 1st government, under Callaghan ( please correct me if I'm mixing up the PMs after several decades, ) , which , I think, was 1978-1979, gravediggers refused to bury the dead in some cities as part of a wildcat strike or sympathy strike : corpses were apparently placed on a factory building's roof somewhere. Many shops had quickly emptying shelves, nurses were on strike, deliveries delayed by lorry driver strikes, electricity shortages & cut-offs unrelated to inclement meteo ( weather ) , & there were many very angry members of the public ! If memory serve, I believe the Scots brought the gov down under the mistaken impression that Thatcher, even if ascending to the PM-ship would be a brief, transitory figure ! ( Even Callaghan saw the sheer stupidity of forcing an election after what had just occurred. ) --dragon/dinosaur

PS : I heard a rumour that one of the tabloid rags may even have photographed the corpses -- can't confirm that, though.