Friday, October 19, 2012

Lots Of Obama Supporters Apparently Never Even Heard Of The Benghazi Attacks

An interesting sampler, done at an Obama campaign rally at Ohio University on October 17 by Revealing Politics, who says "most of the event attendees” had never heard of the terrorist attack or knew whom Ambassador Stevens was.

Yet another argument that we need to start administering tests to voters before handing them a ballot.

(h/t, The Blaze)


louielouie said...

this bears out what anon said the other evening.
who cares?
a US ambassador is killed.
security personnel that were present were killed.
who cares?
that's good enough for people like these, and i'm assuming anon is one of "them".
move on. nothing to see here.
i wonder if anyone is going to ask a question like, was ambassador stevens acting as a conduit to move arms shipments, using al-queida contacts, from libya to syria, via turkey?
who cares?

Anonymous said...

And most republicans don't believe in evolution. It would be more than charitable to call that a draw.

Rob said...

Anonymous, you're absurd.

1) You have no clue exactly how many Republicans ( or Democrats, for that matter) do or do not believe in evolution.

2) Evolution is a theory, one possible explanation of how life was created on this planet.

What happened in Benghazi is indisputable fact.

Can it be that even you're embarrassed to have people this clueless supporting your messiah?

Hube said...

And most republicans don't believe in evolution.

Right. And most Democrats believe communism is great -- it just "hasn't been implemented correctly" yet.