Sunday, October 14, 2012

France Struggling Financially, But The Palestinians Will Still Get 10 M Euros In Jirzyah

Absolutely astounding.

France is financially struggling to make ends meet, the Socialist government has raised taxes to an unprecedented 75% and essentially declared war on private enterprise,  whole sectors of France's entrepreneurs and professionals are fleeing the country and fellow eurozone nations are desperately in need of bailouts.

La solution, according to the French government? Voila, gift 10 million Euros to the failed Palestinian kleptocracy of Mahmoud Abbas!

Yes, Fatah's unelected prime minister SalamFayyad and the Council General of France Frédéric Desagneaux signed the paperwork today in Ramallah:

"In this challenging times for the Palestinian Authority, this budgetary assistance is a new proof of the French support to the Palestinian institutions as well as to the action undertaken by Prime Minister Fayyad under the authority of President Abbas," Frédéric Desagneaux said.

"As it has been recently said in New York, France shares the analysis of the international financial institutions and the United Nations according to which the Palestinian Authority remains, despite its current financial difficulties, ready to establish a functioning State," he added.

Why do France and others who continue to support this scam still feel you can have a functioning state that still can't manage to support itself after receiving the highest amount of foreign aid per capita of any developing 'nation' in history?

Très simple, mes amis.

France has a restive population of Muslims, and their votes were decisive in putting French President Hollande and the Socialists in office according to most analysts. So this is a way for the French government to appease not only with demographic but to score points with other Israel hating members of their constituency on the left.

The French government is fully aware that a good portion of this money will be diverted, and that 'Palestine' is far from performing as a functioning state in the usual sense of the word.

But they'll come across with the jirzyah. As one frequent contributor to these pages has reminded us, it doesn't have to make common sense, just political sense.

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