Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diagram Ezra Klein's Brain!

WAPO bloggers Ezra Klein and Dylan Matthews have a cute little interactive piece entitled 'Make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up!'

Go there, and they have pre-selected draconian cuts or hikes in taxes Romney 'will have to make' in order to meet their goal of $480 billion in revenues needed.

There's no way to get there without clicking on new, heavy taxes or eliminating major tax deductions.

Ahh, such loyal soldiers for Barack Obama!

You'll notice that Ezra and Dylan's cute little cartoon doesn't include increased revenues from taxes collected on the increased economic activity that results from lowering tax rates, or decreasing the amount of revenue needed by cutting spending and waste.

Horrors! We can't have any of that, can we?

Lefties never like to talk about such things, simply because steps like these diminish government control, something so dear to their little hearts and increases economic freedom.

Nothing like stacking the game beforehand to get your desired answer, is there, Journolistas?

Can you diagram Ezra Klein's brain? Can you spell 'socialism'?

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