Friday, October 12, 2012

What The Reaction To The VP Debate Proves About The Left

The Left and most partisan Democrats reacted to last night's debate and Joe Biden's unprecedented exhibition with ecstatic joy. Andrew Sullivan has climbed back off the ledge, Chris Matthews is eating and showering again and the the Obama Media is high fiving each other.It's revealing to take a look at what they're so overjoyed about.

Martha Raddatz is the left's new hero. As CNN now admits, rather than moderating, she became 'the third debater'. She aided and abetted Joe Biden by allowing him to interrupt Paul Ryan 82 times, concentrated almost exclusively on Ryan when it came to followups, and even interrupted Ryan herself a number of times. Once or twice, she even interrupted Ryan while he was attempting to respond after Biden interrupted him during Ryan's speaking time with an outburst.  And whenever Biden looked like he was losing ground, she decided it was time to move on to another topic. Even worse, she allowed Biden to conduct himself like an obnoxious twelve-year-old during the debate, laughing, grimacing, making interjections and mugging during Ryan's speaking time.There was never  a word from the 'moderator' on Biden's disgraceful conduct.

As an example of how one sided the moderating was, Joe Biden ended up with eleven minutes more speaking time than Paul Ryan.

This is the sort of performance that has inspired the Democrat base. Ignoring Biden's outright lies and misstatements  on entitlements, the HHS mandate, Iran, his voting record and Libya, they're applauding something entirely different.

While most Republicans simply think the left is wrong, the Democrat  left thinks Republicans are evil. And as such, Republicans are not entitled to respect, decency or even basic civility. Anyone who has studied child psychology or even dealt with young  children on a regular basis  understands this reaction quite well - 'you impede me, you won't give me what I want, therefore I hate you.'

The more obnoxious and bullying Joe Biden became, the worse he behaved, the better they liked it and the louder they cheered.Biden's entire performance was designed to gin up the Democrat's leftist base, morose and bitter after President Obama's abysmal performance in the last debate.

And no, it doesn't work that way in reverse. Had Paul Ryan lost his temper or responded to Biden on the same juvenile level, conservatives and Republicans would have been the first to call him out for his conduct. Because essentially, they're the adults in the room.They have standards.While it may not have always been true, it certainly is true today.

Ryan demonstrated this by remaining polite, keeping his cool under fire from both Raddatz and Biden and staying on message. He was, for almost the entire debate,  businesslike, steady, and on-point.

And however loudly the Democrat's leftist base applauds they lost an important battle in both debates.

The caricatures of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan the Obama Campaign spent millions to implant as, respectively,  heartless plutocrat and the man pushing granny over the cliff have been erased in the minds of independents, undecideds and Democrats whose support for Obama was soft.

They've seen for themselves who Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are, without the media filter, and what they observed are two men who are intelligent, patriotic, concerned about the average American and ready to lead.

Mitt Romney is now seen as presidential and Paul Ryan, despite his youth is seen as someone who has the maturity and discipline  to be relied on to take over if necessary.

They also saw the true face of the Democrats in Joe Biden's sneering grimaces and laughter and Barack Obama's contemptuous and uninvolved demeanor.No media filter...this is whom they really are.

These instances of the mask being off were a wake up call to Americans who were still trying to figure out whom to vote for. It's sort of a national head shake, with people wondering 'is this really the sort of people who are in the White House and running the country?'

For all the whining about 'bi-partisanship' and ' compromise' by the left, people saw last night that's  the last thing the Democrats are interested in. They're not interested in even listening to what anyone else has to say,  another angry child mechanism. Think of  a young, self-involved child  with his fingers in his ears yelling 'la la la la, can't hear you' or throwing a tantrum when someone tries try to reason with him.

That was Joe Biden last night. And everyone except rabidly partisan Democrats noticed. Women in particular found Joe Biden obnoxious beyond belief, and with Romney-Ryan  already equal to Obama-Biden in that demographic,expect Biden's performance to have an effect in November.

Worse yet, even Democrats who were embarrassed by Biden's antics last night refused to distance themselves from them, so the odor is going to cling to them as well. Virtually the only member of the Democrat left  I saw who did so was Joe Trippi on FOX last night, because he alone was willing to look at how what happened last night, realize how damaging it was and attempt to staunch the blood flow.

Many Democrats who were cheering Biden on last night want Barack Obama to emulate him in the debate against Mitt Romney at Hofstra next  week. He may very well try, but he's unlikely to be able to do so to the extent his supporters would like. President Obama's likeability ratings and his image as presidential already suffered a huge blow last week in the debates, not to mention the current Libyan coverup, and the last thing he needs is to appear less presidential.

The leftist  base of the president’s party is filled with anger and hatred for Republicans, but as much as he probably wants to, President Obama is unlikely to be able to express enough rage and contempt to satisfy them, particularly in a townhall format.At which point, the same old complaints from the perpetually angry children on the left will be heard again.

President Obama may attempt to appear more animated and confrontational, and he may have CNN's Cathy Crowley helping him out. But Mitt Romney, a seasoned debater, is unlikely to let himself get rolled in that fashion, and another strong performance on Romney's part is going to reinforce the nation's impression that it's time for real hope and change.

Joe Biden has always been an infected boil on the body politic. This time, the infected boil has erupted where everyone could see it, and there's no cleaning it up or hiding it.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

"While most Republicans simply think the left is wrong, the Democrat left thinks Republicans are evil."

Hm... I would dare say that the situation with regard to seeing the other side is more symmetrical.

But yeah, Biden looks like a giant boil, for sure.