Thursday, October 04, 2012

The 'New' Obama Strategy - Keep Repeating The Same Garbage In Negative Ads, Hope It Sticks

Stung by his execrable performance in last night's debate, Obama's Chicago campaign thugs have evolved what they call a brand new strategy. Except, of course, it's not new at all.

They're simply going to (a) mobilize their media lackeys to demonize Mitt Romney at every turn (and his religion will by no means be out of bounds), (b) deluge the airwaves with negative, inaccurate ads knowing the Obama Media isn't going to challenge them, (c)make sure President Obama repeats the same programmed, stale talking points from his teleprompter and (d) beat up on the next two debate 'moderators', CNN's Candy Crowley and CBS' Bob Scheifer in advance to make they intervene actively to help President Obama as much as possible.The sharing of the debate questions with the president in advance so he can rehearse is not out of the question.

They're going to go unbelievably negative, hoping that if the same nonsense get repeated often enough, they can convince people that it's true.

In other words, they're going to follow Chris Matthew's advice and start channeling MSNBC.

There are a number of problems with this approach.

The first one is that this is nothing but the Obama campaign's strategy warmed over. They have been puling this garbage since it became apparent Mitt Romney was going to be the nominee, and it's all old news now. L:ast night, Mitt Romney effectively deconstructed the heartless plutocrat, Gordon Gekko persona the Obama campaign spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build. A record 67 million people saw the debate last night,more people that voted for Obama in 2008. The Obama narrative was revealed as the tissue of lies it always was and the impression of Mitt Romney as a competent, intelligent, concerned and decent human being is not going to be dispelled over the next 32 days. The contrast between fact and fiction was just too great.

After last night, the president is finally going to have to find a compelling reason for people to vote for him besides 'Romney is Hitler'. He was challenged directly on his miserable record as president and for the first time, people saw him react to that challenge like a vampire does to a cross. Merely demonizing Romney isn't going to work by itself any more.

The second problem is that while it's going to please his leftist base and send tingles up Chris Matthew's leg, going negative cuts deeply into Obama's likeability, such as it is.

I personally see President Obama as having all the charm and humanity of a Soviet commissar, to put it mildly. This is the same man who avidly supports denying babies who survive an abortion medical care wants to ration healthcare for the elderly and was giggling over his coming Superbowl party in his toasty warm office while 54 people. mostly women, kids and old people were freezing to death in Kentucky.

But some people, goodness knows why, consider him 'likeable'. largely because of of the image his media lackeys have fostered for him. Going MSNBC and giving vent to his natural hostility, arrogance and temperament risks losing all that. And that can be a death stroke in a presidential campaign - just ask Al Gore. Or to see how popular this approach is likely to be in general, just look as MSNBC's ratings.

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