Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Its Own School For Training France's Imams


The Muslim Brotherhood has come up with a unique solution to the quest for indoctrinating and training home grown Islamists in France.

They have their own posh institute that specializes in training local French Muslims to be Islamist imams:

Early in the morning, some 200 students from across the country stream into the European Institute of Human Sciences de Saint-Leger-de-Fougeret, where they learn to chant the Koran and study Islamic theology and Arabic literature.

Estimates of France’s Muslim population vary widely, from between 3.5 million and 6 million, though there is little hard evidence as to how many are practising. In any event, France’s Muslim community is the largest in Western Europe.

The initiative goes back 20 years when the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, which has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, converted a former children’s holiday centre into the institute. Its stated aim is to train imams equipped “with a solid knowledge of Islam and the socio-cultural realities of Europe.” The idea was to provide an alternative to the recruitment of foreign imams, who often spoke no French and had little or no knowledge of French lifestyles.

“The training of imams who are products of French society is vital: Today 70 percent of the faithful don’t speak Arabic,” said the institute’s director Zuhair Mahmood.

Initially financed by the Gulf States, the school depends heavily on fees of about 3,400 euros a year, board and lodging included.

What better way to control France's Muslims than to provide their Imams, all well versed in the Muslim Brotherhood's version of Islam? And to indoctrinate young Muslims in madrassahs? Le plan parfait, n'est pa?

The Muslims failed to conquer France by force of arms at Poitiers, but they seem to be doing quite well at it using these sort of stealth tactics.

The French had better wake up, and soon.

Zut alors!

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I have a Jewish friend in Paris who sent me a very poorly shot video of night life in Paris. Poorly shot because he was afraid to let the Muslims see that he was doing a video of what the had done to his city,The camera was in a bag and jiggled a lot but every restaurant, market and such were advertising Halal.
A Caliphate is on the horizon...