Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Up On Gallup 52-45 - Outside Margin Of Error

Mitt Romney's momentum continues to accelerate.

The latest Gallup shows him up over president Obama 52-45% - outside the margin of error.Apparently I was right about likely voters not being fooled by the debate spin.

Two very different commentators note the significance of this. Karl Rove notes that no presidential candidate in history has ever lost if he was above 50% in mid-October, and FOX's resident lefty loon Bob Beckel said "if the numbers are accurate" -- that there's no way an incumbent can push a challenger back below 50%, once he's above it.

Mitt Romney is also ahead, for the first time, in the electoral count - and they haven't even given him Florida or Colorado yet, where's he's clearly ahead.

The Romney campaign also reportedly feels comfortable enough about North Carolina that they're decreasing staff and ad buys there to concentrate on Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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louielouie said...

looking at that electoral map of the 1980/1984 elections is a hoot.
california/new york weren't marxist back then.