Sunday, October 21, 2012

George McGovern, 1922-2012..RIP

Former progressive icon and Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern passed away today, and as is to be expected, the left is busily revising history and lionizing one of their own.

I originally planned to go into this a bit, but frankly, Joel Engel over at Legal Insurrection and Steven Hayward over at Powerline pretty much wrote what I would have.

So I'll briefly summarize my own feelings...a nice man personally from all reports, but a serious dupe who like most progressives had no idea of what he was doing, or the consequences.He aided and abetted America's enemies, something particularly poignant when you realize what a superb and heroic record he had as a pilot in WWII.

Much of the evil in this world is aided and abetted by people with the best of intentions.For all his pleasantries and undoubted good will, George McGovern was one of them, and the American people were both right and wise to reject him and his ideology utterly.

The senator belatedly realized that himself when he tried to open and run a small inn a few years back and was literally tied in knots and forced out by the same onerous government regulations he'd voted for as a senator.



louielouie said...

the link to that article about the stratford inn is one of the funniest things i read in a while.
when all is said and done, i disagree with ff about mcgovern.
if he had it all to do over again, knowing what he did about the stratford inn experience, he would have still done the same things in congress.
once a marxist, always.
afterall, he didn't go out of business, the government did that for him.

louielouie said...

and if you do read between the lines, it wasnt' his fault the inn closed, it was the publics fault.
it's always someone elses fault with marxism.