Monday, October 29, 2012

Giants Win Series As Tigers Fall Victim To The Obama Curse


The San Francisco Giants swept the World Series four straight to become World Champions, with the Detroit Tigers at the losing end, 4-3.

My pal Bookworm points out why. Barack Obama let the world know on Leno's show that he was rooting for Detroit:

On Wednesday night, Obama appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.  There, in response to Jay’s question about the World Series, Obama turned his back on the Golden State that has filled his campaign coffers and told America that he was rooting for Detroit’s team (keeping in mind that Michigan’s electoral votes are up for grabs):
I will say, I’ve spent a lot of time in Detroit lately, and I didn’t want to let Detroit go bankrupt. So in this particular World Series, I might be a little partial.

You know, it seems like most of what President Barack Obama touches turns into a substance very different from gold - Fast and Furious, Egypt, a stimulus, green energy jobs, an Olympics bid, you name it.

Could it be that President Obama actually figured this out and had a side bet going on the Giants to win?

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louielouie said...

i was fully expecting to see a report on hussein's people blaming romney for the size 7.7 earthquake in canada sat. night/sunday morn.
i think romney should justify why he did this.
i bet you won't post this comment.