Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Favorite Questions That Will Never Come Up In Tonight's Debate

1) Mr. President, is Hillary Clinton Responsible for Benghazi?

2) During your first two years, you had a super majority in congress willing to do pretty much anything you wanted up until January of 2011. Do you think it's fair to continue to blame the Republicans for being obstructionist when they had virtually no voice or input during that period?

3) Mr. President, why have you continued to allow your attorney general to defy congress on Fast and Furious? Why did you make whole swaths of documents inaccessible under executive privilege, since that normally covers communications between the president and others?

4) Mr. President, Joe Sestak, who ran for the senate in Pennsylvania claims he was offered a White House job not to primary incumbent Arlen Specter. This is a felony under 18 USC 600 and 18 USC 595. Is Mr. Sestak lying, and if so, why did the White House not call him on it?

5)President Obama, according to official records, you and your family spent $1.4 billion of tax payer dollars for your personal use, including vacations, White House events, etc. In contrast Britain spent $55 million for the same purposes to maintain the royal family. What do you have to say about that?

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