Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arabs Cheer The Death Of Six Israelis - Until.....

There was a terrible accident in Haifa, Israel today that took the lives of six people and injured a number of others when a truck slammed into a line of cars.

As soon as the news hit the Arab world, particularly Israel's 'peace partners' the rejoicing began:

Allah is great, thank Allah for their many dead
10 Zionists killed and wounded 15 in a truck collision accident with 7 cars in Haifa
Allahu Akbar
Thank Allah
News delightful and very beautiful

Later, the news came through that the driver was Arab, and the Israeli media started speculating that this might have been a deliberate terrorist attack. The Arabs have used this method before, especially in Jerusalem.

The thought that it might have been a terrorist attack was a source of great joy to the usual suspects, as you can imagine:

Oh Allah, please be true!
10 dead soldiers and dozens of injured in an attack in occupied Haifa

Just one small problem.

As it turned out, all of the dead were Arabs. And the truck itself was unsafe..the truck was overloaded, in poor condition and its brakes went out while driving down a steep hill.

The three page thread of hate-filled comments abruptly stopped once that news became public.

Tragically, most of the victims were in their late teens and early twenties,just waiting for a red light to change.

The fact that Arabs would glory in what they thought was the death of Jews is nothing new. During the Second Intifada, it was routine to hear Arabs firing guns in the air and ululating in celebration after a successful homicide bombing, especially in Jerusalem - while members of ZAKA within hearing range were still gathering up body parts into plastic bags for burial and loading surviving victims into ambulances.

It says something about the Israelis that after those kind of incidents, they refrained from driving out the people who refer to themselves as Palestinians entirely.

It also says something about the Palestinians, and what it says is the root of the entire Arab Israeli conflict. Swapping some land for a few worthless pieces of paper isn;t going to change that kind of psychotic hatred.

(H/T, Israelly Cool)

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That's GOD Almighty protecting HIS people !