Thursday, April 18, 2013

FBI Releases Photos of Boston Bombing Suspects - Sort Of

The FBI finally held that long promised press conference on the Boston bombings. Well, actually it wasn't really a press conference just a statement with some visual aids which is pretty much what I suspected it would be. As a matter of fact, Special Agent Richard DesLauriers essentially say 'no questions' if you listen carefully.Not just from the press either, but from anybody.Nor does he want anyone coming up with additional photos or videos that might point in a different direction.These are the Official Renderings of the men he refers to as 'suspect one' and 'suspect two' who 'appear to be associated'. He not sure about that yet, but he doesn't want anything that might deviate attention from suspects one and two in the mix.

It's also interesting thatthe photos and videos are deliberately unclear.

Agent DesLauriers doesn't have a name for these men (or if he does, he isn't revealing it, perhaps because it might reveal something about their background that might be politically incorrect, perhaps for some other reason) and he says he doesn't know for sure if they were working together, but he does say emphatically that they're armed and dangerous and the public shouldn't approach them.

Oddly enough, and contrary to the usual announcements in these situations, there's no physical description of the suspects. No height, no weight (such things are ordinarily extrapolated by the Bureau's trained agents), no eye color, no distinguishing features that should be visible with the enhancement technology the Bureau has available..nada, nichevo, nothing.

It's impossible to tell the ethnic background of these suspects from these images, and some of the immature clowns on the Left are already daring to hope that what we have here is The Great What Tea Party Terrorist. The fact that these creatures would rather have this be one of their own countrymen so they could use that for political purposes to demonize anyone who disagrees with them is pretty revealing,especially since if the perpetrators turn out to be Muslims, from President Obama on down they will likewise rush to defend Islam and assure us that the attack in Boston had nothing to do with Muslims.

Trust me, this bunch would have no difficulty with gulags,show trials and re-education camps.

As it happens, Islam isn't a race but an ideology, and Leftist idiots like the Slate's David Sirota drooling at the thought of the Great White Terrorist might be surprised to find out that it's exactly the way the late Osama bin-Laden wanted them to think, and how the current head of al-Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri and other Salafi and Islamist terrorists the world over want them to think.

All of them emphasized the recruitment of what bin-Laden called 'White Moors' in attacks, the better to defeat attempts at an protective profiling and add to the shock effect. John Walker Lindh, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki and Adam Yahiye Gadahn aka 'Azzam The American' are a few examples from our own country.

Besides, to divide is to conquer, kuffar.

And to show how silly this point is, we don't know that these 'suspects' are or aren't Arabs or Muslims. We don't even know if these are the men who pulled off the bombing.

As for my take on all this, nothing that happened today changed my views whatsoever. The Administration is treating this as a political problem, not a national security one and acting accordingly to protect itself and the Saudis by cleaning things up and diverting attention elsewhere.

I figured this 'press conference' would show us how the Obama Regime is going to spin this. They've given the Saudis a pass, literally, so no one is going to ask awkward questions about why someone with major ties to al-Qaeda was in the country on a visa after President Obama ended post-9/11 restrictions on Saudis entering the US three months ago and gave them special, preferred status. No one is going to ask why a Saudi national with that background whom we know was at the Marathon and at the every least a witness with more than a few questions left unanswered was rushed out of U.S. jurisdiction as 'a national security risk' shortly after a closed door unscheduled conversation between Saudi Foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal and President Obama.

What we're getting now is 'look a squirrel' and if they can't somehow link it to a Great White Terrorist, we'll either see this whole thing fade away while the Obama Regime pledges to 'work nonstop to bring the people responsible to justice' or if necessary, they'll pin it on unnamed al-Qaeda elements and launch a few drones.

If anyone thinks anything else, I have some magic beans to sell you.


Tantric Logic said...

This is an obvious coverup,just like Benghazi.

I have to wonder what people who support Obama think at times like this.

Anonymous said...

You people were so quick to call this jihad! Now that we know at least one of the suspects is white (see 10pm Reddit photo), you guys are screaming conspiracy? You all are very sad and I feel sorry for you and really hope you aren't breeding.

louielouie said...

the ones i talk to want bush dead.