Monday, April 08, 2013

GOP Rep's Gay Son "CNN and MSNBC canceled my interviews when I refused to bash my dad"

Matt J. Salmon is a Republican congressman from Arizona, a social conservative who opposes same sex marriage - and the father of a gay son, Matt R. Salmon, a former president of Arizona Log Cabin Republicans.

So of course, Piers Morgan and Larry O'Donnell's bookers hit on him for interviews, figuring they could get the son to trash his father for some easy ratings.

But once they found out that Matt R. loves and respects his dad and refused to attack his father on the air, they quickly decided not to have him on.Apparently they didn't do their research. Because here's what Matt Salmon the congressman and his son had to say about the matter:

Matt J. Salmon defended his father against criticism from those within the LGBT community whom he describes as “incredibly intolerant.” He said the congressman received “a lot of hateful comments” on his Facebook page after the interview aired.

“People seem to be trying so hard to analyze where it’s coming from, but really he was quite straight-forward,” Matt R. Salmon said. “My father loves me very much and he supports me and he respects me. He’s very much there for me as one of my closest friends. I think that was obvious in everything that he had to say.”

He further discussed his father’s position on marriage.

“He doesn’t see it as not allowing his son to be with the person he loves because he knows that regardless of where marriage is, I’m going to be with the person that I love,” he said. “Whether I can legally marry in Arizona or not, it’s not going to change that fact and my father knows that and he accepts my desire to be with the man that I love. As far as it goes with marriage for him it’s a matter of what marriage means to him — to him marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. It has nothing to do with the way he views a person’s relationship, and that’s the thing that I think is hard for people to understand.”

It is hard for some people to understand...but it shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

Call me cynical, but this reads more like a kid who doesn't understand how pre-booking works. Producers are forever interviewing people that never make it on the air for a variety of reasons. This kid probably figured out that he could get media attention if he simply made up a story that played to the biases of the right-wing blogosphere. Looks like it worked, too. Hook, line & sinker.

Tantric Logic said...

What a coincidence, troll...that's exactly the spin O'Donnell and Pier's Morgan's people put on it.

But given their Left Wing bigotry, I guarantee you if the kid had been willing to bash Dad and emote about how he usta be a Republican be can't stand the H8, he'd have been on like a shot.

Your repeating of their lame BS also doesn't explain why a guy who's never looked for any media attention at all and just lived his life would want it now.