Wednesday, April 17, 2013

President Obama Throws A Tantrum After Gun Bill Loses

Even I have trouble believing this one. But it is what it is.

First, we see one of the Newtown parents President Obama flew to Washington at taxpayer expense to lobby congress making some scripted remarks and being used as political cannon fodder and a warm up act, and then we see the president of the United States in a full on tantrum, in essence blaming the Evil Republicans and the 'Gun lobby' for the deaths of children.

Aside from the obvious lies (most Americans do not consider restrictions on Second Amendment rights that important an issue, and the bill that was shot down definitely restricted those rights) there's his childish, angry tone at not getting his way.

He still can't resist making this a partisan rant against Republicans, even though enough Democrats crossed the line to vote against this awful legislation to make it a bipartisan rejection; he still can't resist shrieking against Emmanuel Goldstein in a modern version of the Two Minute Hate.

This is the same president who did nothing about gun grabbing back when he had 60 votes in the Senate during his first term, the same president who kept his mouth shut about it during the last election when all those battleground states were on the line and the same president who had no problem helping his attorney general stonewall the investigation of his administration's gun trafficking of weapons across the Mexican border in Fast and Furious, stretching Executive Privilege beyond anywhere it's ever gone before. How many innocent lives did Fast and Furious cost?

And he has the nerve now to point the finger at others for what he calls political expediency?

At one point in his rant he says that if even one child's life is saved by what amounts to an unconstitutional breach of our Second Amendment rights, by taking people's guns away, it's worth it.

Yet, just as he's silent about the innocent Mexicans that died because of Fast and Furious, he obviously isn't concerned about saving kid's lives if they're children in the womb who are aborted just before they're born or who die after they survive an abortion.

This kind of hypocrisy, this kind of evil is beyond political agendas, beyond politics.

Who is Barack Obama really, and where is he leading us as a nation? Isn't it time we started asking ourselves that question?


UCSPanther said...

As I said before: The people have spoken, Obama.

Deal with it.

The same goes for Diane Feinstein...

Anonymous said...

@ USCPanther : yes ; HOWEVER, we also elected 435 House members & 33 / 34 Senate members, & they also have a mandate. In fact, after 435 separate elections, the House have more of a mandate ( ie, 435 contests versus 1 prez election, or, if you prefer, 51 DC + State prez elections ) . Besides, with no future prez elections, Owe is now a caretaker. Ciao !


Bourbon said...

"Who is Barack Obama really, and where is he leading us as a nation? Isn't it time we started asking ourselves that question?"

No that time was 2008.