Monday, April 29, 2013

CAIR Director 'Radical Islam Is Not Primary Driver of Terrorism In the World '

Interesting, to see how Bill O'Reilly deals with the typical Muslim Brotherhood spin about 'perverting Islam'.

Especially coming from Niwad Awad, who would almost certainly be sitting in jail for material support for terrorism in the Holy Land Foundation Trial if Attorney General Eric Holder hadn't filed disinclination to prosecute briefs on President Obama's orders to let him and a number of other Islamists off the hook.

He was one of CAIR's kingpins caught on FBI wiretaps attending a 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders in Philadelphia conspiring on how to raise and launder money for them.

Of course, if O'Reilly was more knowledgeable he would have asked Awad about that.

And the inevitable followup if I were sitting in O'Reilly's chair would have been to ask Awad this one - if, as he says, he condemns terrorism, does he unequivocally condemn Hamas as a genocidal terrorist group?

Pulling aside the curtain to reveal how different CAIR's definition of terrorism is than ours is a lot more instructive than shouting at somebody.

(h/t, Robert at Seraphic Secret)


Chris said...

Driving force?

As in "Driving Us Crazy"...

Tantric Logic said...

I'd forgotten about the HLF trail and Awad Niwad..nice catch.