Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Secretary Napolitano Caught Lying To Congress about Saudi Implicated In Boston Bombing

 Napolitano Responds to Grassley Questions About Saudi National Questioned in Boston Bombings

The coverup continues on the Saudi 'person of interest' implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings,Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a Saudi national with major connections to al-Qaeda.

Today, during a hearing on immigration policy, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and caught some questions from Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, asking about the fact that Alharbi was on the terrorist watch list.

“Before the [Tsarnaev] brothers became the focus of the investigation, authorities questioned a Saudi student who reportedly was on a terror watchlist,” said Grassley, “…if so, how did he obtain a student visa?”

Her answer is absolutely astounding:

“He was not on a watchlist. What happened is — this student was, really when you back it out, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was never a subject. He was never even really a person of interest. Because he was being interviewed, he was at that point put on a watchlist, and then when it was quickly determined he had nothing to do with the bombing, the watch listing status was removed.”

Aside from contradicting herself in the above paragraph - was he on a watch list or was he not? -  the Secretary is also not being entirely truthful about Alharbi's status

Alharbi's visa stated that he was a student at a college in Ohio he never attended, while in fact he was living in an apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston. And there's evidence that someone attempted to delete the report on him, (known as an incident report ).

Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

1. He was not on a watchlist.
2. After being interviewed, he was put on a watchlist.
3. After being cleared, he was removed from the watchlist.

This is not lying. It's called a timeline.

Which part do you have trouble understanding?

Rob said...

Um, no.

1. He was on a no fly list prior to coming to America, with one of the most dangerous classifications you can have. Check out his clan background.

2. He was let in anyway with zero vetting prior to January, when President Obama put the Saudis on the preferred travel list. Before that, all Saudis were supposed to be vetted.He wasn't.

3. Because he was already on the watch list, was at the site of the bombing and was found with his clothes smelling of gun powder and made several curious remarks, he was picked up originally as a suspect and a new file created after his apartment in Revere was searched (for 9 hours)and bags of evidence taken away.When a new file was opened to make notations on what had occurred and specifically link him to the bombing, it was discovered he was already in the system.

4. His status was only changed after the Saudi foreign minister had private, unscheduled chats with Sec. Kerry and President Obama.

5. DHS had him officially flagged for deportation as a security risk. We were originally told that his visa was expired, but in fact it was good until this November. That changed as well after the Saudi foreign minister intervened.

6. Someone attempted to alter his DHS file and then to delete it illegally.Glenn Beck claims that the e-mail address of whom did that is known because it was automatically flagged, but at present he hasn't been revealed that yet.

Beck has been known to stretch things a bit on occasion for sensation's sake, so we'll see if he's telling the truth. So far, everything he's said about this can be independently confirmed.

7. The only part of Sec. Napolitano's remarks that was remotely truthful is was when she said Alharbi 'was in the wrong place'. According to his visa application, he was supposed to be attending school in Ohio. He never enrolled there,but instead had this apartment in Revere, MA with his Saudi roommates.

What part about the lies being told is so hard to grasp? You act like this is the first thing the Obama Administration has ever tried to cover up.

If you think about it, I'm sure you can think of a number of reasons why both the Saudis and Administration might want this covered up.

Respectfully,please stick to music, Martin. I assume you play better than you reason this stuff out.


Unknown said...

By all means, follow the conspiracy theorist Beck off the cliff. In a month's time, you will be pretending that you never even believed this hokum.

A quick search of your previous posts prove that you have a very poor record of predicting events. May I suggest that you it is *you* who look for another distraction? If the past is prologue, your reasoning skills tell me everything I know need to know about this scary Saudi. It's Benghazi wrapped in a birth certificate peppered with death panels. Terrifying to the uninitiated, but still a big fat zero.

Rob said...


Martin: I got no facts at I'll throw a rock at Glenn Beck because he mentioned him! Look a squirrel!

With the exception of the 2012 elections (which a lot of other folks got wrong as well) I'm pretty satisfied with my record.

I could care less whether you are, or for that matter what you think.

OTOH, if you believe what the administration had to say about Benghazi and the wonders of ObamaCare, you'll pretty much believe anything, won't you?

Sure you will.


Tantric Logic said...

At least we know now who the troll is.

What an ass.

Rob said...

I've known whom he is and where he's located for awhile.

You're never anonymous on the web, even if you think you are. You always leave footprints.

Imagine how frustrated a person you must be to need to constantly troll, leave threats and generally make a part of your life a site written by someone who by your own admission you violently disagree with and despise...

Sad, really.