Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leftist Muslim Politician To Jewish Woman- ''I Am Your Nightmare"

Karen West from the Social Democrats in Denmark put this on her Facebook page:


"Yesterday I received a screenshot in which the "social democratic" Youssef Khalil Idiab, member of city council of Brøndby (Copenhagen suburb), wrote to a Jewish woman:

"I am your nightmare , wait for me, Palestinia is on the way, peace is on the way, and you and yours are on the way to the dump of history, wishing you frightening nightmares."

"Regardless of who you stand with, Regardless of what one thinks about the conflict this is completely unacceptable for a social democratic elected official".

"Imagine if an elected official had written the same thing to a Muslim on Palestine."


The reason Ms. West is so upset is because this kind of openly expressed hatred by Muslims is hardly unique in Denmark nowadays, and it has a special resonance there:

Isreal maart 2012 012

Denmark, considered an Aryan country by Hitler could have had a very easy time of it during the Nazi occupation. German troops were ordered to behave with discipline in the country, respect the local laws when they didn't contradict military necessity and avoid the usual outrages. Denmark was a German 'Protectorate', its government still kept local control, King Christian X retained his throne and Denmark's Jews were not rounded up and shipped to concentration camps with the eager cooperation of the locals as they were in most of Europe. When local Danish Nazis tried to burn the main synagogue in Copenhagen, they were arrested by the Danish police and jailed, outraging the Nazis and eventually leading to a German takeover of the Danish government.

When the Germans finally issued a deportation order for Denmark's Jews in 1943, Danish civil servants leaked the news of the upcoming order and virtually the entire country collaborated in transporting their Jewish fellow citizens to safety in Sweden.

Today, Denmark has a population of 6,400 Jews and 270,000 Muslims in a population of about 5.5 million, and things are very different.

Jews today in Denmark are openly advised not to wear any clothing or jewelry that marks them as Jews for their own safety.

The entrance of the Caroline Jewish Skole in Copenhagen’s Østerbro district is surrounded by a high barbed wire fence and policed by private security guards, and the same applies to the other Jewish community buildings, schools and synagogues.

The Humlehave School in Odensesaid, a secular public school said openly that it would refuse Jewish students because Muslim violence would make it too dangerous for them.

Anti-semitic violence and attacks have skyrocketed in direct proportion to the increasing Muslim population.

Can it be that even Left leaning Danes like Ms. West are beginning to realize that Islam doesn't play well with others, and that for Islam tolerance is a one way street?

And could it possibly be that as the Jews leave, they're realizing that the Jews were just the first victims and they're next?

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