Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jews are "Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs" - in child's hate poem recited on Pal TV

Yes, this is an example of how the Palestinians 'educate' their children for peace.

What they're really teaching them from the cradle is to dehumanize Jews and be willing accomplices to jihad terrorism.

And a reminder, this is official Palestinian State TV..paid for by your tax dollars.

Does anyone reasonably expect the Israelis to cede more territory and make strategic concessions to these people for mere words on paper?

Do they still endorse the so-called 'two state solution'  with the idea that it's going to bring peace?

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B.Poster said...

It seems that there are allot of Israelis who strongly support a two state solution with these people. I suspect it is not a large number but instead the US and world media makes the numbers seem larger by giviing such people a disproptionate amount of the air time. I suppose why would ANY Israeli think giving such people a state would be a good idea.

As an American, I can say definitively that if a group of people living close to the borders of my country were to speak in this manner toward me, my country, or fellow citizens I would expect my government to vigorously oppose granting statehood to such people. I would be angered and appalled at any of my countrymen who would think such a thing to be a good idea.

We would never support statehood for anyone wishing to harm us in the manner that the Palestinian Arabs want to harm the Jews. Why should we expect Israel to support statehood for such people. It would be unreasonable of us to ask such things of them.

There are likely large numbers of Americans who would agree with Israelis on opposing a state for such people. Israel can begin by vigorously opposing granting of Palestinian statehood in every public venue at every opportunity. As reasons, they can present this information from Palestinian tv along with other examples.

When Israel makes concilitory gestures or noises toward such people, they undercut their allies in the US. Who are we to oppose the wishes of a soverign nation who is allied with us and has done us no harm? They should cease with such gestures and noises forthwith!!

Finally, when Osama bin Laden was killed, his body was given an unceremonial burial far at sea. When Adolf Hitler died he was not given an honorable burial. The same inglorious treatment was given to many Nazis as it should have been. Yet Yessar Arafat who is simillar to the above individuals gets an honorable burial and is treated with honor and respect at every opportunity by various heads of state and others. This is utterly sickening. I can't fathom how this would make an Israeli feel. It must be as though their loved ones are being killed over and over again. Terrible indeed. Decent people should not tolerate such a thing. The fact that our leaders do suggests that these are not good men and women.