Monday, April 22, 2013

How Jihad Incubates - The Boston Bomber's Mosque

One thing I've consistently said whenever we've experienced terrorism on our soil since 9/11; you'll almost always find a Saudi-funded mosque and a radical imam in the mix.These things don't come out of thin air.

In taking a look at the Boston Marathon bombers, one thing the media is attempting to gloss over is the connections between the brothers and radical Islamism.It turns out that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the now deceased older brother who appears to have led the bombers was a member of the Islamic Society of Boston.

A story that's being pushed in the media, when the ISB is mentioned at all is how  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reputedly 'kicked out of the mosque' for an angry tirade against the Imam for preaching a sermon telling his congregants to emulate Martin Luther King Jr.

The 'source' for this Arabian Nights tale is an anonymous Muslim worshiper in the mosque who would only give his name as 'Muhammed.'

The story goes on to mention in passing that Tamerlan was readmitted to Friday prayer services.

As we'll see, it's highly unlikely that a sermon would be preached in this particular mosque using Dr. King as a role model.

The Islamic Society of Boston is a place I know of by repute.

The mosque is very much Muslim Brotherhood oriented, and claims the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader imam Yusef al-Qaradawi as it's major influence and spiritual guide. One of its eight founding members was Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was jailed for 23 years in 2004 for material support of Islamist terrorism and money laundering.

You've heard me mention al-Qaradawi before. He has some interesting views.

He favors a world-wide Islamist caliphate under sharia law, including the beating of 'disobediant' women, female genital mutilation , and death for homosexuals and apostates, just as it says in the Qu'ran.

He's also called for a second Holocaust against Jews, saying, "Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. G-d willing, this time it will be the believers."

And while the ISB has made a few statements publicly distancing themselves from Qaradawi,  they have never distanced themselves from his theology. In fact, the Society used Qaradiwi's name in their fundraising and had al-Qaradawi as an honorary member of the board. Literature found in the mosque, speakers who've been invited guests , writings and speeches of people intimately associated with the mosque and transcripts of a number of sermons preached there confirm that the Islamic Society of Boston remains very much a Muslim Brotherhood hardline mosque.

The ISB has been noted in the past for nuisance lawsuits designed to silence anyone who pointed out the mosque's ties to the Brotherhood, the establishment of the mosque with Musim Brotherhood and Saudi funds, and the mosque's fund raising for 'charities' like the Holy Land Foundation and the Benevolence International Foundation, both of which were essentially money laundering outfits for the benefit of groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, and both of whom were subsequently shut down by the feds.

Among others, the ISB sued terrorism expert Stephen Emerson, The Boston Herald, Charles Jacobs, co-founder of the David Project and the American Anti-Slavery Group, and the local FOX news channel. The ISB claimed it was libeled.

Unfortunately for the ISB,the lawsuits proceeded to the discovery phase and bank records and other documents showed that not only had the mosque acted as a fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation and the Benevolence International Fund, but that the mosque was funded almost entirely by Saudi and Brotherhood funds to the tune of over $7 million.

Another thing that surfaced in discovery was the interesting  way the ISB obtained the land to build its mosque.

The ISB was built on land owned by the City of Boston that was valued at $1.5 million at the time. It was gifted to them in a murky process by Mayor Menino, who spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The deputy director of the Boston city agency that 'negotiated' the land giveaway not only was a member of the Boston Islamic Society whom it paid to raise money in the Middle East, but also secretly advised the group about obtaining the land cheaply. Essentially, the ISB was 'negotiating' with itself. Aside from being an illegal conflict of interest, this was a clear violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment, using public funds to favor one religion over all the expense of the City of Boston's taxpayers.

Discovery also revealed that the ISB had attempted to delete all e-mails and documents relating to the land deal.

While we're trying to digest how home grown jihad happens, we'd do well to take a much clearer look at the places it incubates.

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