Friday, April 26, 2013

Hotel Cancels Jewish Charity Event After Violent Threats By Pro-Palestinian Activists

Jewish student from Scotland's St Andrews University were stopped from holding a charity ball after the hotel involved canceled the booking because of threats it had received from Pro-Palestinian activists.

A dinner and black tie ball scheduled at the renowned St. Andrews Golf Hotel was expected to draw a huge crowd from all over the UK. The money that was raised was to be sent to seven Israeli charities supported including the Jewish National Fund (JNF), Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and Save A Child's Heart, which helps fund heart surgeries for children all over the world, including Palestinian children.

Instead, according to the Jewish Telegraph, the hotel canceled the event after receiving a number of threats from pro-Palestinian activists. Hotel manager Niall Thompson was quoted as saying that he felt that he had to cancel 'due to health and safety concerns for staff and hotel guests'.

Paul Morron of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council said he spoke to Thompson, to try and salvage things, but to no avail. "I conveyed the extent of the concern of the Jewish community that a hotel of its stature had caved in so easily to intimidation - something that would damage its reputation."

"I contacted Inspector Meek, of St Andrews Police, and he told me that they had not had any serious concerns about policing the event.

"We regard this as a very serious incident, setting a worrying precedent in Scotland. It's not up to others to dictate to the Jewish community what charities they should support. That's just not acceptable."

Apparently it's acceptable in Scotland, which has a growing Muslim population and a cadre of hard core terrorist groupies like the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

A lot of people are already boycotting a number of brands of Scotch because of this kind of nonsense.

Perhaps tourism to St. Andrews ought to be added to the list.

(h/t, The Commentator)

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