Monday, April 15, 2013

Latest On The Boston Bombing

The above picture shows the suspect in today's bombing being arrested, complete with ghutra. It's been confirmed that he's a Saudi national here on a visa.

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reported that a Saudi national was seen "acting suspiciously" running from the explosion, and a civilian chased him down and tackled him, after which the police arrested him.

Except now we're being told there is no suspect.

What the Boston Police Commissioner's telling the press now is, ""Let me stress there is no suspect at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, there are people being questioned but there is no suspect."

Fair enough.

He also said that there were 3 dead, not 12 as the New York Post reported earlier.

 Law enforcement sources  in Boston are also saying that the incident at the JFK Library was not a bombing but was fire related.

They're also reviewing the surveillance video I mentioned earlier showing a man carrying two backpacks near the site of the bombings. No one is saying yet whether the person in the video is linked to the blasts.He's described as 'dark skinned, possibly with a foreign accent.'

 An unidentified Boston Marathon runner leaves the course crying near Copley Square following an explosion in Boston.Police clear the bleachers after two explosions went off near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon.Police officers react to a second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston.

One interesting detail no one's saying much about is an incident that occurred in Revere, about five miles from downtown Boston. Local police and 20 members of the bomb squad searched the apartment of what's described as 'a person of interes't after an 'erratic driver' led them there after driving around the State Police barracks a number of times. Two members of the squad reportedly removed several bags of the kind normally used to store evidence from the apartment.

More as it comes in.


Anonymous said...

Pure racism led a "civilian" to tackle anyone with any Arab clothing. You know this was the wrok of a right wing Mcveigh/Koresh type who thinks they are a modern Boston Tea Party trying spark a new revolution. Why do you think they targeted JFK library.

Rob said...

Heh! Reading comprehension rears its ugly head again.

"Law enforcement sources in Boston are also saying that the incident at the JFK Library was not a bombing but was fire related."

You may very well be right that the Saudi national was arrested because he was wearing Arab clothing and fleeing the site. Given the prevalence of Muslim terrorism and the number of Saudis involved in much of it, rather than 'racism', it's an understandable reaction, perhaps misplaced but certainly worth checking out.

'McVeigh/Koresh'? *Chuckle*

The Murrah Office bombing has a definite Mid East connection. McVeigh was heavily involved at the time of the bombing with Ramzi Yousef, an Iraqi intelligence agent, and the MO of the Oklahoma City bombing was exactly like the first WTC bombing.

And Koresh and the Branch Dravidians were simply minding their own business. If terrorism was committed, it was by the BATF agents and Janey Reno who murdered them, including a number of children even after they tried to surrender.

Now that we've established you don't know what you're talking about,let me say that the Obama Administration has some very good reasons to sell this as an 'attack by Tea Party Right Wingers'.

As always, the Left politicizes everything, and will never let a good crisis go to waste.

louielouie said...

it's a simple formula. really.
anon = dumm mass

if this were a right wing extremist the target would have been a government entity.
and, the explosion/explosive would be a hell of a lot more destructive.
left wing extremists target civilians. innocents.
ELF, ALF, Green Anarchy, etc., etc.
this is a false flag.