Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Video: Muslim Mob In Egypt Rapes Christian Woman In Broad Daylight

Truly heart rending. The mob screams "Nasara! Nasara! (Christians! Christians!) as they grab the screaming women ( there are two women, one who apparently is the younger woman's mother who tries to protect her but is brutally knocked out of the way). The mob then begins stripping the young woman and then follows up with triumphant yells of "Allahu akbar" (Allah is greatest) as the rape continues.

These are the people we keep giving jizya to and trying to appease and accommodate. That's as futile as this poor woman trying to escape her fate by appealing for mercy.

Watch YouTube pull this down in a flash.


Tantric Logic said...

Truly horrendous.Why we keep giving them our money is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

At the Judgement Day these people will be thrown into the lake of Fire wich burns forever and they will be sorry but there will be no mercy shown to them, but this poor girl will be comforted in the arms of the Lord of Glory Jesus while they suffer with no end. I'm conviced of my faith in Jesus and I pray for this girl and her mom that they will not give up their faith, God Bless them, and comfort them